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 Universal Compression Tester
$99.95 $119.95 GSI1055
Screw in style compression tester with adapters for 10MM, 12MM, 14MM, 14MM long, 16MM, and 18MM spark plug holes. Can be used with or without extra
length hose adapter. Includes: 12/16MM Ford Triton Adapter
 4-in-1 Angled Wire Tool
$35.95 OW5950A
Angled feature allows access to close quarters and facilitates superior crimps. Compact 7” design can be used four
ways: gripping nose
pulls, twists, bends,
and shapes; crimps 12-20 AWG insulated and non- insulated wire; strips 12-20 AWG wire; and cuts both above and below pivot.
Mini Bulb Remover/Installer
$14.99 ZCT1012C Gently & firmly
grips glass shell
of bulb. Coated
gripping ends
with curved tips
to safely remove
bulbs. For all types of bulbs, including bayonet, screw and wedge bulbs. Also great for fuses. Fits where fingers can’t.
42 Piece Master Terminal Tool Kit
TurboCharger 2 Battery Charger with Timer $374.99 ASD7050CW
45 amp continuous charge
rating. 220A engine cranking
assist. Automatic 90 minute
timer with hold. Works on 6
and 12 volt batteries. Safe in
any weather for outdoor use. Powder-coated steel housing,
chrome tubular handles and
100% copper cable with
flexible insulation. Fully
assembled. Made in USA. 2-year warranty.
Fuel Injection Quick Test Kit
   $249.95 $294.95
Easily removes terminals
from electrical connectors. Eliminates damage
to wires or terminal blocks. Tools individually marked
$69.95 $79.95
   for easy
identification on application chart. Comfortable handles provide easy grip.
Battery & Charging/Starting System Analyzer
$129.95 TCTB200CW
Tests all 12V Lead Acid Batteries, including AGM and Gel. 100 to 1,700 CCA. Bright, color LCD with easy-to-read graphical display. Displays %
of battery capacity
with color-coded bar
graph. Detects bad cells and surface charge. 5V to 33V operating range. 12V starter test with cranking voltage. 12V charging test with load and ripple test. Made in USA. 2-year warranty.
This unique tool has
been developed to
aid in the removal of
the harmonic damper
pulleys. Eliminates the
need to go through
the time consuming
process of first removing
the radiator or other
components before
being able to remove the pulley. Upgraded with spring loaded legs - leg position is maintained when placed in desired position.
Ratcheting Serpentine Belt Tool
$79.95 $96.75
Ratcheting Serpentine Belt Tool releases tension on serpentine belts with a spring loaded idler pulley.
$89.95 $99.95
 For quick pressure
checks. Includes:
gauge and hose
assembly, adapter
hose for test ports
with 7/16" x 20
threads, adapter hose
for test ports with
.308" x 32 threads,
single end hose
connector 1/4”, 5/16”, and 3/8”, double end hose tee connector 5/16” - 3/8”, 6MM fuel bolt adapter and blue blow-molded storage case
6 Piece Aluminum Disconnect Set
Spline Drive O2 Sensor Wrench,
$89.95 $99.95 Durable aluminum
22MM works on
most O2 sensors.
accessibility and leverage in hard-to-reach areas. 12-point Spline Grip DriveTM provides double angle positions and 6-point tackles stubborn sensors.
Spring Style Pulley Puller
$124.95 $139.95
 disconnects work on air
conditioning lines and quick
connect fuel lines. Disconnect
spring lock couplings on Ford
and Chrysler air conditioning
lines. Also works on fuel line
quick connect couplings on
GM, Ford, and Chrysler. Easy to
use in confined spaces. Set includes six sizes: 5/16”, 3/8”, 1/2”, 5/8”, 3/4” and 7/8”
Dual Gauge Cylinder Leakage
$99.95 $118.95
  Works with shop
air pressure to
determine amount
and location of
leakage. Comes
complete with 1/4”
FPT fitting for hook-
up to air line, 10MM,
12MM, 12/16MM Ford Triton adapter, 14MM, 14MM long, and 18MM adapters.
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