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  Power Probe® 3EZ with Case and Accessory Kit
$189.95 $224.95 PWPP3EZGRNAS Green
EZ Diagnostics guides the user through fuse, battery, voltage, component, charge and 5 volt reference with embedded QR codes that link to tutorial videos for each test. 0-70 VDC with circuit breaker. Multi-line color LCD display with visual navigation menu
and flip screen mode. Includes a 20 ft extension accessory and cigarette lighter adapter.
SAVE $35
  Power Probe® Maestro
$129.95 $159.95 45 test ranges
$23.95 $29.95
True RMS Digital Multimeter Kit
$99.95 $109.95 CBPDM100
Faster and more accurate
DC volt testing with
NEW Rapid AutoRange.
True RMS, AC/DC Volts,
CAP, Frequency, Duty
Cycle, Temp and 10A
range. Large LCD, built-in
test lead holsters and
rubber overmold for durability. Includes: CBPDM100 Multimeter, test leads and temp probe
Premium Low Current Clamp Meter
$299.95 $362.25 ES688
Large 19MM (.75") clamp size can
clamp over larger ground cables and
some multiground cable systems.
TrueRMS accuracy. Excellent ZERO
function. Accurate measurements down to 1mA (.001A). 5,000 count backlit LCD display with analog bargraph. Peak MIN/MAX function. Standard MIN/ MAX function. CATIII 600 volts safety rating. Built-in temperature - Fahrenheit and Celsius. Great tool for parasitic drain testing.
Deluxe Automotive Meter
Ratcheting Terminal Crimping Set with FREE 6 Piece Terminal Tool Kit $139.95 $189.90 XPTE18920T6S
Versatile Ratcheting Terminal Crimping Set
includes 5 dies for virtually all uses. Die sets quickly interchange. Crimping tool has a steel frame with contoured grips. Terminal Release Tool Set covers
a variety of PCM/Transmission harnesses, terminal blocks, under-hood sensors and terminal pins. Sheathing ripper easily cuts wire casing without damaging wires inside. Ergonomic handles provide a comfortable grip. Includes storage pouch.
Coil Cord Circuit Tester
     $359.95 $399.95
and 14 test
functions. Large
dual display w/
analog bar graph.
10 Meg/Ohm
input impedance.
Includes 30 amp
Fuse Buddy
Adapter tests circuit amperage draw. Also includes two sets of test leads, RPM pick-up, temperature probe, protective holster, 9 volt battery, instruction manual and carrying case.
Locate hot circuits
and troubleshoot
primary circuits on
all 6 and 12 volt
systems. 12 ft. coil
cord test lead made
from durable, high visibility, heat and oil resistant
 Powerful multimeter
functions, advanced
diagnostic modes and
color display. Applies
battery power or ground
to the probe tip to
energize and activate
components. Displays
data as a wave form.
Built-in flashlight and automatic voltage drop indication. EZ Learning and Guided Diagnostics Modes simplify testing. Measures DC volts, Ohms, AC volts RMS, peak-to-peak, frequency and pulse width. Pair with the Power Probe Tek App to expand capability.
Digital Videoscope with 8.5MM Dual-Camera Probe
$409.95 $459.95 AUTMV480
Dual-camera, 8.5MM probe
provides front and side
cameras that can be viewed
independently or together.
Flexible 39.4-inch cable and
70-degree field of view. 4.1”
Color LCD Display. Rechargeable battery with up to 4 hours of continuous use. 2-megapixel camera. 7x Digital zoom. Built-in LED flashlight. Includes 8GB Micro-SD card.
Molded strain relief prevents broken wires.
20 Piece Back Probe Kit
$24.95 $29.95
Back probe harness connectors,
fuel injectors and automotive sensors. Straight, 45°, and 90° stainless
 Premium Diagnostic Leak/
EVAP Smoke Machine w/ Easy
 $1,149.95 RL9550CT
OEM Approved
diagnostic leak
detector. Includes
inflatable block off
bladder. Flow meter,
compound pressure gauge and decay. Made of billet aluminum. Includes: Leak Detector, Easy INTAKETM, vapor producing fluid, halogen inspection light, EVAP service port tool, EVAP Schrader® valve removal tool, assorted cap plug kit, and plastic accessory case. Made in USA and 2 year warranty.
steel probes.
Compatible with standard 4MM plug. 12”extension leads.
Self Adjusting Wire Stripper
 $21.95 $26.50
Self-adjusts to most 10-26 gauge solid or stranded wire.
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