Page 14 - September 2020 Monthly Flyer
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    3/8" Deluxe Heavy-Duty Reversible Air Drill $229.95 CAT350HD
Free Speed: 1,800 RPM
hot seller!
   WorkStar® 360 Rechargeable LED Penlight $29.95 $36.95 MXN00360
Produces 260 lumens. Features a 3X zoom lens. IP67 rated. Waterproof to 1 meter. Includes 1 lithium polymer battery. Approx. 5.5" in length.
FlipmateTM Compact Multi-Function Worklight $108.95 STL61502 Blue
Produces bright white light for
everyday use or high CRI light with
Streamlight’s Color-Rite TechnologyTM
to identify color differences in paint or wires. Magnetic base and stowable hook. Operating modes: cool white LEDs - High: 500 lumens; runs 2.5 hours, Low: 250 lumens; runs 5.75 hours. 90 CRI LEDs - High: 400 lumens; runs 2.5 hours, Low: 200 lumens; runs 6 hours. IPX4 water resistant, 2m impact resistance tested. Folded length: 4.58”, extended length: 7.94”
Strion Switchblade®
$95.95 STL74850
180° rotating light bar.
Five lights in one: a
droplight, hands-free
light, UV light, bright
white light and a high CRI light with Streamlight’s Color- Rite TechnologyTM. Easy-to-change battery. Operating modes: 90 CRI LEDs - 400 lumens; runs 3 hours, UV LED for leak detection: 500mW; runs 5 hours, cool white LEDs for bright, white light: 500 lumens; runs 3 hours. 2m impact resistance tested. Folded length: 6”, extended length: 10.75”
Adjustable Rechargeable Worklight
$87.95 AS600WL
600 lumen adjustable COB
LED light. 120 lumen top
LED flashlight. Runtime: 2.5
hours on high. Charge level
indicator. Dimmer dial for 60-
600 lumens. Steel ball swivel base w/ 20lb magnet. Includes ratcheting hook. 3,200mAh capacity USB rechargeable Li-Ion battery and wall charger.
blueIONTM 200 SMD Underhood Light & FREE John Force Hat $149.95 $208.90 XPULHAT
    3/8” Reversible Air Drill
$129.95 CAT250 Free Speed: 1,800 RPM
1/2” Reversible Air Drill
$214.95 CAT255 Free Speed: 400 RPM
3/8” Right Angle Reversible Air Drill $162.95 CAT375RA Free Speed: 1,600 RPM
Blower Fan
$169.95 $192.06
$149.95 $188.95 CHS13ST
Designed for a wide
number of applications.
Bi-material design features
high speed steel cutting
edge welded to steel body.
Complete follow through saws.
Knock out slots for easy core removal. Cut depth: 1-1/2”. Variable tooth design (4-6 teeth per inch).
5 Piece INOX Bur Kit
$164.95 $184.95 SG5INOX
For heavy stock removal in austenitic
and corrosion resistant stainless steel
materials. This exclusive developed
CNC machined cutting geometry reduces heat generation on the workpiece and will not work harden or cause bluing to materials. A 35% increase in stock removal rate with clean smooth finish is also achieved with this new and exclusive cutting geometry.
5 Piece Geometry Bur Kit
$199.95 $229.95 SG5NGB
A new and exclusive range of
multipurpose burs each individually
designed to cover multitude of
applications without changing out your burs. Chamfer, rout, countersink and grind steel with ease. These unique geometries allow for greater use in hard to reach locations with little effort. This kit truly will become your carbide bur tackle box.
5 Piece High Performance Bur Kit $149.95 $169.95 SG5STEEL
Specifically engineered high
performance cutting geometry rapidly removes steel materials at a 35% greater removal rate.
The aggressive tool geometry produces large chips and offers a clean smooth final finish. 100% brazed joint inspections guarantee long lasting strength and durability. These burs will save you time and money.
10 Piece
X1TM Blow
Gun Kit
$44.95 $51.10 LMAG1500FZKIT
Includes: Flexzilla® X1TM Blow Gun, (2) 6” Extensions, needle tips (1”, 2”, & 3”), Xtreme-Flo nozzle, Quiet-Flo nozzle, rubber tip and tip adapter
13 Piece Journeyman’s Hole
Saw Kit
      MCL21200 1200 CFM, 2.0 amp
 120 volts,
60Hz. For
indoor or
controls motor speed: 950-1650 RPM. Built-in overload protection. Two 11 amp built-in grounded receptacles. Housing material: Impact resistant ABS. 8.5 ft. cord length, SJTW 14AWG. 4-position adjustment feet.
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