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            Matte Silver Gray
CTBF476KB - Corporate Blue CTBF476KG - Neon Green CTBF476KMK - Matte Black CTBF476KMR - Matte Red CTBF476KMS - Matte Silver Gray CTBF476KO - Orange
47-Inch wide, 6 drawer flip top cart features a vertical power drawer with organization designed specifically for air tools, cordless tools and chargers. The extra-deep till measures 9" and features a charging shelf. Features black drawer pulls, corner bumpers, casters and lock.
Integrated power strip with (3) 120V outlets and (2) USB ports. Push handle and 5" x 2" casters. Molded bumpers help prevent dings and dents. Drawers feature full-length pulls, liners, and 100 lbs. of weight-carrying capacity and the till features a gas-piston assisted lid. Total load capacity is 500 lbs.
$4,995.00 $5,844.95 XPPL40501KA - Atomic Orange
XPPL40501KB - Corporate Blue XPPL40501KF - Graphite XPPL40501KG - Neon Green XPPL40501KMK - Matte Black XPPL40501KMR - Matte Red XPPL40501KMS - Matte Silver Gray
Includes: PLATINUMTM 5 Drawer Flip Top Cart and PLATINUMTM Side Shelf
    CTBF476KMS Power Drawer shown open (Tools not included)
Flip Top Cart with Power
3 Drawer Flip Top Cart
CTBF353KB - Corporate Blue CTBF353KG - Neon Green CTBF353KMK - Matte Black CTBF353KMR - Matte Red CTBF353KMS - Matte Silver Gray CTBF353KO - Orange
PLATINUMTM 5 Drawer Flip Top Cart with FREE Side Shelf
Neon Green
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