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Bearing Separator/5 Ton Bar Type Push Puller Set
T-Bone Tire Repair Kit
$59.95 BJTKT330
Conforms to the shape
and size of any tire
injury. Permanent
tire repair, seals out
moisture and dirt. The
BlackJack T-Bone® is
made with a solid steel
inner core and specially
formulated hardened
plastic for unmatched
durability. Includes: T-Bone Handle w/ Spiral Probe, T-Bone Handle w/ 4” Open Eye Needle, 6” Open Eye Needle, Screwdriver with Reversible Shaft & Valve Core Tool, T10 wrench, plug lube, razor blade, 30 repairs - (10) 4” large dia., (10) 4” small dia., (5) 6” large dia., (5) 6” small dia. and custom form fitted case
Cotter Pin Puller
$20.29 $27.05 CPP5
Blade is made
of durable steel
with black finish. Length: 8”
Hub GrapplerTM
$799.95 OW6575
hubs and
on the
without removing the steering components or knuckle. This eliminates unnecessary alignments or the use of a shop press, cutting service time dramatically. The Hub GrapplerTM Puller is specifically designed to apply maximum force with minimal effort from an impact gun to also minimize service time.
Pressure Bleed System
$109.95 $123.62
Includes 2 popular bearing splitters (2” and 3”), 4 sets of hex push-puller legs and a bar-type puller head with
a 9/16” diameter
forcing screw. 5”
puller cross-bar
with a 6-1/4” forcing
screw or each of the
bearing separators may be used separately or in combination with other pullers.
Bearing Race and Seal Driver Master Set
$89.95 $111.05 LS12980
Insert wheel bearing race and seals without damage to race and axle housing. Includes handle and nine driver sizes (Range: 1.565” to 3.180”) to fit most standard wheel bearings in a plastic blow-molded case.
8 Piece Front Wheel Drive Axle Nut Socket Set
9 Way Puller Set
$119.95 $139.95 HRC4579
Pulls flange-type rear axles and most front wheel drive hubs. Internal and external jaws provide a variety of combinations to pull bearings, gears and seals. Two and three-way cross blocks and cone provide the perfect
jaw configuration for most jobs. Includes a grip wrench adapter and a dent puller attachment for sheet metal or
other unique pulling requirements.
Quick Disc Brake Pad Tool
$49.95 $61.55 LS24300
Compresses disc brake pistons in seconds. Can be used while four piston caliper is still attached to the vehicle hub.
Combination Rear Brake Tool Kit
$99.95 $129.95
Features extra-long chrome molybdenum 1/2” drive sockets.
Use for heavy-duty applications in removing or installing axle nuts
on a wide variety of domestic and import vehicles. Can be used with torque wrenches, ratchets and breaker bars.
16 Piece Master Locking Wheel Lug Remover Set
$109.95 $129.95 HR75510
Designed for removing
many OEM and aftermarket
specific locking wheel lug
nuts. This set consists of
8 internally splined bits
along with 8 hex and star
bits. Reduces chances
of damaging lug nuts or
wheels. Chrome-vanadium
construction and rust-
resistant finish. Comes in a blow molded case.
$439.95 $505.78
professional hydraulic
brake and
system that includes
a fluid
and seven
(7) master cylinder adapters.
that are not rotated.
Includes two double-sided adapters along with a pinless adapter. Shaft may be rotated both directions depending on the vehicle application.
S-Cam Air Brake Spring Tool
$88.95 OW5081
replace brake
shoes on
and trailers.
Simply hook the retaining spring loop and press down against the axle.
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OCTOBER 2020 19
$143.95 $169.35
Designed to work on single piston disc brakes that require the piston to be rotated back into the caliper as well as pistons
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