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    Ear Clamp Plier with T-Shirt
$41.95 $49.00 KX9K008093CORUS For the mounting of 1-ear and 2-ear clamps
(Oetiker® system or similar). No damage to press points on the ear clamps. Slim head permits good accessibility in confined areas. Versatile use for clamps on CV boots, cooler and fuel lines, air pressure systems and compressors. Durable and strong. High-grade special tool steel; forged, oil-hardened. T-Shirt has Knipex logo on front and Cornwell® 100th Anniversary logo on back. Size: XL
Extendable Pry Bar
CTGEXPB18 - 13.3" to 18.5" CTGEXPB37 - 24.8" to 37" CTGEXPB53 - 34" to 53"
Scraper Set
Heavy-Duty Auto Center Punch
$24.95 FW72500290
Knurled steel
handle. Movable
components made of hardened steel. Point easily removed for sharpening. Features adjustable compression for marking a variety of materials. Length: 6”. Diameter: 5/8”
 20 Piece Master Hook, Pick &
8 Piece Hook and Pick Set
$45.95 $57.95 CTG8HPS - Blue
CTG8HPSG - Neon Green
9” picks made from high-strength stainless steel.
Includes: Hook Pick, Complex Pick, 90° Pick, Straight Pick, Combination Pick, 45° Pick with flat tip, Double Angle Pick and Half Circle Pick
Electronic Digital Caliper - Large
$56.95 $62.95
$152.95 $179.95 Includes:
     Adjustable angles & extendable length. Material: chrome-vanadium hex & steel pipe.
3 Piece Brass Scraper Set
$42.95 $49.95 MH3BSST
Brass scrapers are non-
marring, non-sparking.
Improved smooth polished
finish with a double
knurled feature for more
effective use. Designed to
remove gaskets and softer
material where there is a
concern of damaging the
surface or causing sparks.
Comes in an anti-slip
pouch with hook and loop
fastening system with individual slots for convenient storage. Sizes: 3/8" x 5-1/2", 1/2" x 6, 5/8" x 6-1/2"
$18.95 $21.95
$64.95 $99.95 $114.95 $149.95 $199.95 $249.95
High polish,
stainless steel
blades. Stainless
steel handle bolster.
bi-material handle
design. Includes:
1-1/4” scraper, 1-1/4” bent scraper, 2” scraper
Scraper Combination
Precision Picks
- straight, 90°,
offset, hook;
Long Picks -
straight, 90°,
hook, complex,
combination, 45°
w/ flat tip, double
angle, half circle;
Picks - straight,
90°, offset, hook;
Specialty Pick -
hook; Scrapers - short blade, long blade, carbon
3 Piece Scraper Set
 $32.95 $38.95
0-6” / 0-150mm. Easy to read digital display reduces errors. Thumb wheel for precise control. Hardened stainless steel frame. Inch/metric conversion at the push of a button. Comes in plastic case with extra battery.
Poly-Cal Electronic Caliper
$28.95 $33.09 FW74101175
Range: 6"/150mm. Polycarbonate frame. Large easy- to-read display. Resolution .0005"/.01mm (fractions by 1/64" increments). Absolute/incremental measurement. Direct inch/metric/fraction conversion. 4-way measuring. Accuracy +/-.008". Supplied with clip-on vinyl pouch.
Telescoping Magnetic Pick- Up Tool
CTGPU16 - 16 lbs. Extends 7-3/8” to 30”. $12.95 $14.95
CTGPU8L - 8 lbs. extends 10” to 31-1/2” $10.95 $12.95
CTGPU5 - 5 lbs. Extends 8” to 26” $7.95 $8.95
Adjustable, telescoping design. Picks up ferrous metal objects. Comfortable cushion grip.
 7” reach covers
all scraping jobs
from windows to
paint, including
long sloping
Storage handle contains (1) plastic and (2) single edged razor blades.
5 Piece Hose Remover Set
$44.95 $55.50
Contains long and short, standard and offset hooks.
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