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        Hose Clamp Pliers
Allows for removal of plastic and/or metal self- tightening hose clamps with diameters of 11/16” to 2-1/2” (18mm to 54mm).
ASHCP949 $48.95 $53.95
2 Piece bluePOWER® Round Head Thumbwheel Ratchet Set NEW Drive sizes: 1/4" & 3/8"
CBPR2PST $54.95 $89.95
Long Reach Universal Hose Clamp
Cross-cut tip design grips most hose clamps from multiple angles. Ratcheting lock mechanism holds the clamp in an open position for hands-free use. Dual material grips for comfort. Overall length: 17”
LS17000 $68.95 $80.25
Universal Driveline Socket Set
4 Piece 1/2" Drive bluePOWER®
3/8" bluePOWER® Stubby Impact Wrench
Breakaway Torque: 575 ft.-lbs.
CAT2238A - Blue CAT2238GA - Neon Green
1/2” bluePOWER® Stubby Impact Wrench
Breakaway Torque: 650 ft.-lbs.
CAT4212A - Blue CAT4212GA - Neon Green
1/2” bluePOWER® Super Duty Impact Wrench Breakaway Torque: 1,450 ft.-lbs.
CAT4280A - Blue CAT4280GA - Neon Green
3/4” bluePOWER® Super Duty Impact
Breakaway Torque: 1,800 ft.-lbs.
CAT3225A - Blue CAT3225GA - Neon Green
Great for limited access fasteners. Applications include remove and install driveline bolts, torque converters, cylinder heads and 4x4 transmission casings. Packaged in a blow-molded case for easy storage. Includes: 12mm Driveline Socket, 13mm Driveline Socket, 3/8” Driveline Socket, 1/2” Driveline Socket
CBP3IKDL4ST $144.95 $181.95
            1/4” Drive bluePOWER® Mini
72 tooth ratchet provides 5° handle swing. Overall length: 3.5”
CBPRMINI $39.95 $49.95
9 Piece 1/4" Stubby Star Bit
Socket Set
Low profile for working in tight spaces. Includes sizes T8, T9, T10, T15, T20, T25, T27, T30 and T40
CBSTXS90S $59.95 $71.95
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