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 6/12V Professional Battery Charger
Wireless Charging Stand with
 and Engine Starter
Fast Charge
  Fully automatic 6 and 12 volt charging. Variable 2-6 amp charge/maintain, 60 amp boost and 300 amp engine start. Digital display with push-button control. 6’ battery cables with heavy-duty, 300A clamps and reverse hook- up protection. Compatible with standard, deep-cycle, AGM and GE batteries. 2-year warranty.
BSC9100 $339.95 $379.95
1700 Peak Amp 12 Volt Jump Starter
Powerful, portable and versatile jump starter. 1,700 peak amps; 425 cranking amps. Heavy-
duty, #2 AWG, copper insulated,
46" reach cables. DC outlet
to power 12V accessories. Voltmeter provides charge status of onboard battery. Built- in automatic charger.
CLRJNC660CW $249.95 $279.95
1000 Amp Lithium Jump Starter
Ultra-safe lithium power delivers 1,000A (peak) and works on engines up to 6.0L gas, 3.0L diesel. Built-in 100 lumen, dual LED flashlight with 7 modes. 2.1A USB output to charge electronic devices. Includes heavy-duty precision
battery clamps, 12V car charger, micro USB cable and microfiber storage bag
NOCGB40 $124.95
For AndroidTM and IOS phones with Qi Charging. Smart Protection Technology - protects against over- charge, under-charge and short circuits. Built-in heatsink to remove excess heat and extends the life
of the charging unit. Contains two charging coils to allow horizontal or vertical charging.
CTGWCS $36.95 $42.95
Master Disconnect Set
A complete set of disconnect tools that can be stored in
a handy blow-molded case. Includes 8 popular disconnect tools for A/C and fuel lines.
LS39900 $64.95 $76.95
2000 Amp Ultra-Safe Lithium
   Jump Starter
 Ultra-safe lithium power delivers 2,000A (peak) and works on engines up to 8.0L gas, 6.0L diesel. Built-in 400 lumen, 8-LED flashlight with 7 modes. 12V power port for vehicle accessories and 2.1A USB output to charge electronic devices. Includes heavy-duty precision battery clamps, 12V female adapter, XGC Extension Cable, 12V car charger, micro USB cable and microfiber storage bag
NOCGB70 $249.95
        12V Battery & Charging/Starting
Disconnects Fuel
Line, EVAP Line and
DEF Fittings with Tabs
that must be depressed to
disengage. Works great on
tab connectors and some import vehicles.
Can also be used on some electrical connectors. 23” Cable for hard-to-reach connectors. Ratcheting pliers lock in place so two hands can be used to separate connectors. Double-dipped grips for comfort.
LS35070 $99.95 $109.95
7 Piece Sensor Socket Set
A comprehensive socket set that enables technicians
to easily install or remove oxygen sensors, vacuum switches and oil pressure sending units on a wide variety of domestic vehicles and imports. This versatile set includes SAE and metric sockets for the most common applications.
HRC4673 $59.95 $71.95
Fuel Injection
Master Kit
Flexible Button
  Contains all
items necessary
for checking the
fuel pressure on
most domestic and foreign
systems. Features a large 3-1/2“ gauge
head with dual readings of 0-145 PSI and 0-1000 kPa, and a 2-1/2“ diameter compound gauge with dual readings of 0-15 PSI and 0-30 in. vacuum. All adapters, gauge heads, and hose assemblies feature a quick coupling system. Comes complete with rubber gauge protectors on both gauges, 6 ft. hose, instruction manual and molded carrying case.
GSI4325 $449.95 $559.95
Serpentine Belt Tool
Fits tensioner pulleys with 13mm to 16mm, 18mm hex or 3/8” and 1/2” square drives. There are 13mm and 15mm 12 point wrenches built into the handle for hard to access tensioners. 13mm, 14mm and 15mm crowfoot wrenches also included.
HRC4645 $79.95 $89.95
Connector Pliers
delphi two
      System Tester
 Tests all 12V Lead Acid Batteries, including AGM and Gel. 100 to 1,700 CCA. Bright, color LCD with easy-to- read graphical display. Displays % of battery capacity with color-coded bar graph. Detects
bad cells and surface charge. 5.5V to 33V operating range. 12V starter test with cranking voltage. 12V charging test
with load and ripple test.
Made in USA. 2-year
TCTB200CW $119.95
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