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   Power Probe® 3
Supplies battery voltage or ground to activate components. Also tests voltage, polarity and continuity. Red/Green polarity indicators and audible tone. Two LED headlights light up
your work area. Test components, wiring, trailer lights and more. Includes 20 ft. lead and battery clip-set.
PWPP3CSBF $147.95 $164.95
Cordless Automotive DC Circuit
3-30V DC test range and dual polarity can test both power and ground. Red LED and audible tone alert when DC voltage is detected. Green LED and audible beep indicate ground when testing reverse polarity. Probe the circuit and touch vehicle ground with free hand. Removable insulation piercing test adapter. Replaceable 1.5V “N” alkaline batteries (included).
CTGCT400 $19.99 $25.95
Retractable Test Lead
Retractable test leads pull out and stay at desired length. Rewind test leads into its own protective case when not in use. Includes insulated
alligator clips. Made from 18
gauge copper wire. 2 test leads x 30 ft.
RB1137 $34.95 $40.95
Coil Cord Circuit Tester
Locate hot circuits and troubleshoot primary circuits on all 6 and 12 volt systems. 12 ft. coil cord test lead made from durable, high-visibility, heat and oil resistant material. Molded strain relief prevents broken wires.
CBPDCT4 $25.95 $32.95
Wire Holder
Offers an extra pair of hands when soldering. Alligator clamps firmly hold wire and small parts when soldering. Clips and base are magnetic.
LS55000 $17.95 $21.18
42 Piece Master Terminal Tool Kit
Easily removes terminals from electrical connectors. Eliminates damage to wires
or terminal blocks. Tools
individually marked for easy
identification on application chart. Comfortable handles provide easy grip.
CTGT42S $279.95 $319.95
11 Piece Master Terminal Service Kit
Crimp and release Deutsch, Weather Pack, Metri Pack, and Molex terminals. Works on open and closed barrel terminals. Stainless steel release tools with knurled aluminum handles. Steel crimping tools with cushioned grip handles. Includes Weather Pack / Metri Pack Crimper, 14-24 AWG open barrel crimper, 12 AWG Deutsch closed barrel crimper, 14-16-18 AWG Deutsch closed barrel crimper, 20-22 AWG Deutsch closed barrel crimper, (1)
Weather Pack Release
tool, (5) Terminal
Release Tools 6-24
CTGMTSK11 $219.95 $247.95
Relay Bypass Kit with Amp Display
Relay Fuse Buddy® plugs directly into relay receptacle to energize the circuit. Displays live circuit amperage up to 30A. Use built-in switch to turn on/off DC motors, fuel injectors, fuel pumps, headlamps, etc. Test circuits,
diagnose relays and view amperage draws. Includes mini relay, micro relay, large relay, maxi relay square Bosch relay and BMW square relay.
$109.95 $131.95
Relay Pliers
For removing electrical relays on most domestic and import vehicles. Also works on many heavy-duty and industrial applications.
LS46950 $21.95 $26.68
  Adjustable Wire
              Needle Nose Stripper/Crimper/
Features a reaming head
design to smooth out rough edges of metal pipe, a loop maker for up to 10GA wire, wire stripper for 10-14 AWG (solid wire) and 12- 13 AWG (stranded wire), and laser hardened cutting edges.
CTG19000A $28.95 $41.95
Relay Pro 12-24V Relay Tester
Simply tests relays by clipping the test leads onto the relay terminal pins using a 12 or 24V DC power source. Automatically determines how the relay coil and contacts are configured, eliminating the need for specific tester footprints and adapters. Tests 4 and 5 pin relays, including shielded and non-shielded, with different pin sizes. Test consists of ten 1A cycles to produce a pass/fail result.
LS60150 $89.95 $109.95
Cutter, Stainless Steel
Cut, crimp, strip and grip. Long nose, stainless steel construction. Flat and round serrated gripping zones. Crimper and cutter above pivot. Crimp 12-22 AWG bare and insulated terminals. Strip 12-22 AWG wire. 7" overall
length with cushion grips.
CTG70 $39.95 $49.95
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