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Made from 14 to 18 gauge heavy-duty US Steel. Complete with drawers that range from heights of 4” to 10”, fit into a 25” deep cabinet. Polished chrome handle for a comfort grip. Integrated 120V power strip complete with outlets (3) and USB ports (2). The 6” x 2” casters provide easy mobility and can be locked and unlocked with a step. Features standard TLC locking drawers. Larger drawers use dual slides to handle heavy-duty loads. It also features an electronic keypad lock, foam drawer liners, and an embossed Cornwell® rubber top mat.
Cornwell® Quality Tools will not inflate tool storage pricing to offer
an unrealistic trade-in amount. Trust Cornwell to offer NO-NONSENSE pricing
on tool storage trade-ins.
We offer the best bottom line value
on the best tool storage in the industry.
Toolboard located on the back of the hutch for more storage space. Tool holder accessory hooks provide additional capacity and are used with locked clip. Protected dual lock bar for additional security. Includes electronic keypad.
PRO SERIES® 54" Hutch
$1,795.00 $1,995.00
CTSPSH54CK - Black/Chrome Trim CTSPSH54KB - Corporate Blue/Black Trim CTSPSH54KG - Neon Green/Black Trim CTSPSH54KMK - Matte Black/Black Trim CTSPSH54KMR - Matte Red/Black Trim CTSPSH54KMS - Matte Silver Gray/Black Trim CTSPSH54KO - Orange/Black Trim
 PRO SERIES® 54” 9 Drawer
Double Bank Cabinet
$3,995.00 $4,595.00
CTSPSR549CK - Black CTSPSR549KB - Corporate Blue CTSPSR549KG - Neon Green CTSPSR549KMK - Matte Black CTSPSR549KMR - Matte Red CTSPSR549KMS - Matte Silver Gray CTSPSR549KO - Orange
     PLATINUMTM 67” 10 Drawer
Double Bank Cabinet
$9,999.00 $11,999.00
CTSPLR6710CK - Black/Chrome Trim CTSPLR6710KB - Corporate Blue/Black Trim CTSPLR6710KG - Neon Green/Black Trim CTSPLR6710KMK - Matte Black/Black Trim CTSPLR6710KMR - Matte Red/Black Trim CTSPLR6710KMS - Matte Silver Gray/Black Trim CTSPLR6710KO - Orange/Black Trim
$3,495.00 $3,895.00
CTSPLC67CK - Black/Chrome Trim CTSPLC67KB - Corporate Blue/Black Trim CTSPLC67KG - Neon Green/Black Trim CTSPLC67KMK - Matte Black/Black Trim CTSPLC67KMR - Matte Red/Black Trim CTSPLC67KMS - Matte Silver Gray/Black Trim CTSPLC67KO - Orange/Black Trim
    PRO SERIES® 76" Hutch
$1,995.00 $2,395.00
CTSPSH76CK - Black/Chrome Trim CTSPSH76KB - Corporate Blue/Black Trim CTSPSH76KG - Neon Green/Black Trim CTSPSH76KMK - Matte Black.Black Trim CTSPSH76KMR - Matte Red/Black Trim CTSPSH76KMS - Matte Silver Gray/Black Trim CTSPSH76KO - Orange/Black Trim
PRO SERIES® 76” 15 Drawer Triple Bank Cabinet
$4,895.00 $5,595.00
CTSPSR7615CK - Black CTSPSR7615KB - Corporate Blue CTSPSR7615KG - Neon Green CTSPSR7615KMK - Matte Black CTSPSR7615KMR - Matte Red CTSPSR7615KMS - Matte Silver Gray CTSPSR7615KO - Orange
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