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     1,000 lb. Geared Engine Stand
$439.95 $557.95 CSEES1KG
Designed for handling and positioning of most automotive engines requiring repair or rebuild. 63:1 ratio gearbox easily rotates engine to desired position by turning the crank handle. Worm drive gear is self- locking in any position. Space saving foldable design for easy storage. Fully adjustable mounting head and adapter fingers. Four wheel base provides stability. Compliant with the latest ASME PASE-2014 safety standards.
Plastic Welding Kit
$89.95 $99.95 JP214122
For use with Cornwell® Cordless Soldering Iron (JP213123). Includes: welding rods 17cm PP, 17cm PE, 17cm PS, 17cm ABS, reinforcing SS Mesh, 50 Piece 0.6mm Staples, 50 Piece 0.8mm Staples.
Cornwell® Cordless Soldering Iron
$99.95 $119.95 JP213123
Innovative, creative soldering tool with no more butane and no more plugs. Averages 3.5 hours to recharge. Reaches 536°F, solder melting point, in
35 seconds (goes up to 1112°F). Zero in on solder joints with confidence with LED illumination. Easy
tip change. Easy-grip iron with comfortable co- molded handle and convenient on/off switch. High performance Lithium-Ion battery provides 40 minutes of continuous soldering. Includes: Lithium-Ion Battery Soldering Iron, cap, 30W cone tip, 30W chisel tip, 30W lighter & heat shrink tip, brass cleaner, stand, lead-free solder, and 100cm USB to Micro USB. For use with JP214122.
    22 Ton Pin Style Vehicle Stands
$329.95 $369.95
   Designed for use in pairs supporting heavy-duty automotive vehicles after lifting. Large v-shaped saddle to support and position vehicle frame. Multiple hole locations in support tube make height adjustments quick and simple. Height adjustment pin is attached to stand to prevent loss. Compliant with the latest ASME PASE-2014 Safety Standard. For use in pairs only.
22 Ton Truck Jack
   6 Ton Vehicle Stands
$104.95 $121.95
CSEVS6TBL - Blue CSEVS6TNG - Neon Green CSEVS6TRG - Orange
Wide four legged steel base for stability. Support column with ratchet teeth provides multiple height positions. Self-locking handle and pawl secures column in place. Large saddles for easy positioning of the load and support.
Narrow chassis
design fits easily
between tandem
wheels. Chassis
base is contoured so
wheels make contact
with ground when
jack is not under
load and raises them
off ground when
under load to prevent
damage. Air ram
retraction prevents
damage to ram. 8”
diameter composite
wheels for easy
maneuvering. Wiper
seals protect the
hydraulic system from contaminants.
1,100 lb. Capacity Engine Support
$699.95 $839.95
 $169.95 $189.95
 1,100 lb. capacity with tubular steel construction for maximum durability. Rubber padded support legs add stability and help prevent damage to vehicle paint. Adjustable range from 28-3/4” to 65-5/8”. Extra long handles provide leverage when making adjustments. Features two hook assemblies and two 37” chain assemblies.
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