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     Power Steering Pump Remover/
Floor Mounted 2,200 lb. Strut Compressor $499.95 $599.95 HR91300
Ideal for passenger vehicles and light-trucks. Can be used with varying sizes of struts with coils up to 5/8" diameter. Designed for easy, one-person use. Includes adaptive spring bracket for multiple configurations. 19" max spring heights. For spring diameters of 3.5" to 8.75"
FWD Wheel Bearing Adapter Kit
$164.95 $201.95 HR904
For use on front wheel drive cars and light trucks. The wheel bearing adapters allow the user to replace the wheel bearings with the steering knuckle and strut assembly intact on the vehicle.
Wheel Stud Installer
$29.95 $37.35 LS22800
Use with a ratchet or impact wrench to pull the new stud securely in place.
Master Bearing Race and Seal
Installer Kit
Driver Set
 $64.95 $76.95
Remove/install power steering pump pulleys in
Chrysler, Ford, and GM vehicles with Saginaw, Thompson, and Ford C111 and C2 power steering pumps. Fits 1-1/8”, 1-1/4”, 1-5/16” and 1-3/8” pulley hub diameters.
$139.95 $174.85
Includes 11 drivers to fit automobiles and trucks up
to 1 ton. Also includes 2 handles, one for hammering and a pneumatic handle for use with an air hammer.
8 Piece Front Wheel Drive Axle Nut Socket Set
$99.95 $129.95 HRC4547B
Features extra-long chrome molybdenum 1/2” drive sockets. Use for heavy-duty applications in removing or installing axle nuts on a wide variety of domestic and import vehicles. Can be used with torque wrenches, ratchets and breaker bars.
9 Piece 1/2” Drive Extra Thin Nut ProtectorPowerSocketSet $109.95 $125.95 CBS9TWNPSR
Includes: 17MM, 19MM, 21MM, 3/4”, 13/16”, 7/8”, 15/16”, 1”, 1-1/16”
      Multipurpose Bearing & Pulley Puller Set
$189.95 $214.95 OWC4534
  Set includes drop-forged components, which can be used in a variety of combinations. Spread: 3” to 5”, Reach: 1” to 2-1/4”
Automotive U-Joint Puller
$169.95 $189.95 HR905
For disassembling U-joints in
minutes on virtually all cars,
light-duty trucks and farm
machinery. Manufactured
from high-grade materials for strength and durability. Eliminates vice-and-socket or hammering methods. Reduces risk of damage to the drive shaft, yokes, joints or bearing cups.
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