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      Serpentine Belt Tool
$64.99 $91.95 HRC4645
Fits tensioner pulleys with 13MM -16MM, 18MM hex or 3/8” and 1/2” square drives. There are 13MM and 15MM 12 point wrenches built into the handle for hard to access tensioners. 13MM, 14MM and 15MM crowfoot wrenches also included.
R1234yf Manifold Gauge Set
Stylus Pro® USB UV with Charger
$89.95 STL66148
400nm ultraviolet LED with 325mW. Light runs for
approximately 2.5 hours.
  $199.95 $219.95
Anti-flutter gauges
smooth out needle
movement. Piston type
free-floating valves
reduce o-ring wear Red
and blue nylon barrier
hoses with 12mm-M
fittings on both sides
meets SAE J2888, EPA,
SAE and UL standards.
Yellow hose with 12mm fitting on one side and 1/2" x 16 ACME on the other meet SAE J2888.
R134a Manifold Gauge Set
Cooling System Tester Kit
$169.95 $189.95 MSM100K
Test cooling systems and caps up to 30PSI. Head
includes a pressure release handle that when turned clockwise, releases pressure build-up before removing the head from the cooling system. Gauge equipped with internal shock dampener. Pump includes the three most commonly required cooling system adapters plus an adapter application guide, all packaged in a durable molded plastic case.
AIRLIFTTM II Radiator Air Purge
and Refill
   Vacuum Pump
MCL90059B - 1.8 CFM MCL90062B - 3 CFM MCL90066B - 6 CFM
High volume fan provides cool air motor and pump. Vapor discharge/oil fill port, easily removable, contains internal check valve to prevent escape of liquid oil. Internal check valve to prevent oil back flow. Cooling fins
$169.95 $199.95 $259.95
$109.95 $122.95 UV550500
Refills entire cooling systems without airlocks in seconds, including the heater core! Eliminate time consuming bleeding and purging. Check for system leaks under vacuum - shop air operation draws a fast and powerful vacuum. Compact size, lightweight, easy to work around tight areas. Push-button valve eliminates the need to change hoses. Works on all systems (including light and heavy duty trucks) with “Fits-All” heavy-duty cone adapter.
Cooling System Adapter Set
$299.95 $339.95
Designed as an add-on for the MSM100K Cooling System
Tester Kit. Carrying case comes with 14 composite cooling system adapters. When added to
  $159.95 $179.95
Aluminum R134a set comes complete with 60” hoses and R134a manual couplers.
       R1234yf / R134a Premium Dual Manifold Gauge Set
$299.95 $329.95 MCLC89772AYF
Professional extruded aluminum block, 72" hoses and 2 1/2” silicone dampened, recalibrateable gauges. Free-floating piston type valves reduce o-ring wear. Extra access port for vacuum line. Extra large sight glass for visual refrigerant check. Large easy-to-grip knobs.
to keep temperature cooler during extended motor operation. Thermally protected motor with on/off rocker switch. Large, lightweight reinforced base for stable positioning. Easily accessible oil drain valve. Large oil level sight glass with oil level indicator.
Power Probe® Temperature Kit
$34.95 $41.50 PWTEMPKIT
A dual-zone digital thermometer
with a wireless remote temperature
sensor. The remote temp sensor can
transmit temperature readings up
to 195’ (60M) away from the base
unit. Users can monitor temperature
differences (ambient versus AC
outlet, inside versus outside temps
and more). Operating range and measuring range is -4o F to 158o F (-20o C to 70o C). It requires a pair of both AA and AAA batteries, with a battery life of 400 hours.
the MSM100K
with its pump and
three adapters, the
combination will
pressure test the
cooling systems of all
modern cars and light trucks through 2006.
Large Truck Cooling System Refiller
$299.95 $380.95 MSM400CRT
Use to fill large cooling systems commonly found in trucks. Eliminates air pockets during cooling system refilling. Attaches to cooling system adapters and uses shop air to create a vacuum in the cooling system. Large diameter, high-capacity hoses and passageways for a faster, more complete fill. Includes one standard cooling system adapter.
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