Page 8 - March 2022 Monthly Promotional Flyer
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22 Ton Pin Style Vehicle Stands
Designed for use in pairs supporting heavy-duty automotive vehicles after lifting. Large v-shaped saddle to support and position vehicle frame. Multiple hole locations in support tube make height adjustments quick and simple. Height adjustment pin is attached to stand to prevent loss. Compliant with the latest ASME PASE-2014 Safety Standard. For use in pairs only.
$399.95 $449.95
12" x 16" Heavy-Duty Auto Dolly
Designed to allow one person to move automobiles, trucks, boats and trailers, lawn mowers, jet skis, and most other heavy vehicles with ease. Made of super-strong 1/4” steel. Weight Capacity: 2,500 lbs. per dolly. Sold in a set of two (2).
$179.95 $199.95
3-1/2 Ton "Big Blue Monster" Service Jack CSESJ350A - Blue
CSESJ350ANG - Neon Green
Super low 3-1/2" height and contoured arm access hard-to-reach lift points. Premium dual-pump pistons, seals and hydraulic fluid. Extra large front wheels for maneuverability. Max. Height: 20-1/4"; Chassis Width: 14-3/16"; Overall Length: 30.1"; Saddle Diameter: 4-11/16"; Handle Length: 50"
$459.95 $519.99
6 Ton Vehicle Stands
CSEVS6TBL - Blue CSEVS6TRG - Orange CSEVS6TNG - Neon Green
Wide four legged steel base for stability. Support column with ratchet teeth provides multiple height positions. Self-locking handle and pawl secures column in place. Large saddles for easy positioning of the load and support.
$129.95 $149.95
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