Page 4 - March 2022 Monthly Promotional Flyer
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  Power Probe® IV PWPP401AS - Red PWPP405AS - Green
12 – 24V test range with 23'
power cable and LED light.
Supply power or ground to
components. Multi-use circuit tester with 9 test modes. Simplifies testing of fuse boxes, motors, lights, relays, sensors, wires, and more. Large LCD color display.
Heavy-Duty Fleet Terminal Cleaner Kit
Cleans and repairs most electrical connectors
found on cars, trucks, and industrial equipment in North America. Used as both service and preventative maintenance tools.
$129.95 $146.95
   $289.95 $329.95
12V Smart Charger and 70A
Power Supply
70A stable power supply for extended service procedures or re-flashes. Nominal
13.7V DC output. Memory saver mode 15A continuous/20A peak. Designed for AGM, Gel
Cell, Sealed, and Standard Flooded batteries including Spiral Cell, OrbitalTM, or OptimaTM
batteries. Dead battery override control. Made in
$849.00 $949.95
6/12/24V Heavy-Duty Charger with
280A Crank Assist
Safe for SLA, AGM, and maintenance-free batteries. 6V/70A, 12V/65A and 24V/30A charge ratings. 120-minute timer with
continuous charge hold. 12V/280A engine start crank assist. 500A fully insulated clamps and heavy-duty chrome plated handle. Two-Year “bumper-to-bumper”
Warranty and Five-Year Limited for Transformer/Rectifier. Made in USA.
Heavy Ranger MUTT® Trailer Tester
Test 7-way round pin trailer side harnesses. Powers each trailer electrical circuit. Verifies wiring configuration, ground integrity, short circuit and overload conditions, electric brake operation
and turn signal simulation. Water resistant and short circuit protection. Internal battery compartment (battery not included).
Light Ranger MUTT® Trailer Tester
Test 7-way spade, 6-way round and 4/5 pin trailer side harnesses. Simulates all electrical circuits of standard towing vehicles. Water resistant and short circuit protection. Turn signal simulation and power verification LED. 500mA Battery Charger and 3-Way Trailer
Adapter included. Internal battery compartment (battery not included).
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