Page 22 - March 2022 Monthly Promotional Flyer
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Automatic Center Punch
One handed center punch operation. Eliminates need for hammer. Fully machined and knurled handle. Punch tip heat treated. All parts plated.
$14.95 $19.12
3 Piece Lightweight Mini Pry Bar Set, Plastic
Excellent for working on smaller, more delicate jobs. The set provides tools that are ideal for tasks such as dash trim, gaskets and o-rings. Additionally, these bars pry against painted surfaces without scratching. They are so small and diverse that they also work on small jobs such as cell phone screens.
11 Piece Antenna/Radio Socket Set
Universal antenna wrench. Ford radio removal tool. Deep sockets remove and install the tamper-proof radio nuts from many GM, Chrysler, and other aftermarket radios. Antenna nut sockets cover most import and domestic antenna nuts.
      $74.95 $84.95
4 Piece Fiberglass Hammer Set
Includes: Curved Cross Chisel Hammer, General Purpose Pick Hammer, Utility Pick Hammer, Door Skin Hammer
$199.95 $229.30
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