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120V Mig & Flux Welder
Leading edge Inverter Powered MIG and
flux core wire feed welder. Ideal for welding materials from 22 gauge to 1/8”. Attached is an 8-1/2 foot MIG gun, ground cable and clamp, dual gauge inert gas regulator and
6 foot gas hose. This welder
provides consistent, clean, and
crisp welds that will
impress the most
$769.95 $879.00
MMWMP242DVIK 4 in 1 Dual Voltage Welder
Dual Voltage
portable DC
Inverter welder with LCD interface. Capable
of welding solid wire (steel, stainless and aluminum) with shielding gas, flux core wire, DC stick, and lift arc DC TIG on steel and stainless steel materials. Comes complete with a spool gun for aluminum welding. Dual Voltage, 120V, 20A 50/60 HZ, and 230V, 36A 50/60 HZ Single Phase Input Power, 40 to 200A Output. Duty cycle, 40% @ 90A (120V) and 20% @ 200A (230V).
$2,595.00 $2,859.00
Dual Voltage Plasma Cutter
Cuts up to 11/16" steel at a travel speed of 10" per minute. Cuts all electrically conductive materials. Cuts a narrow kerf that results in a smaller heat affected zone for reduced warping. Pilot arc for easy starts. Built-in air pressure adjustment and gauge, indicator lights and thermal overload protection. Built in water separator. Input power: 120V, 25A 50/60 Hz single phase; 230V, 40A 50/60Hz single phase. Output Voltage: 150 to 40A. Duty cycle: 40% @ 25A (120V Power); 60% @ 40A (230V Power). Required Compressed Air: 4.5 CFM @ 60
Welding Cart
Universal welding cart
with handle is designed
to hold portable wire
welders, plasma cutters
and TIG welders. Top
shelf is 23-3/4" X 12-3/4",
holds 7-1/2" diameter cylinders. Easy
to assemble hardware. 110 lbs. capacity.
250 Amp Mig Welder With Spool Gun
A versatile 230V, 250A multi-process welder that comes with MIG and Spool guns with a built in single/dual cylinder rack. It features a Synergic LCD control that allows the operator to select processes and weld settings along with ability to load and save weld programs. Accepts a wide variety of wire spools. It is designed to weld materials as thin as 24 gauge all the way up to 1/2” in a single pass. The Spool Gun is capable of welding aluminum with
4” spools of wire. Comes with 12 ft. MIG gun, 12 ft. Spool gun, two dual gauge regulators, two gas hoses, and extra contact tips and drive rolls. MIG wire not included.
MMWM181DVI Dual Voltage Mig & Flux Welder
Capable of welding with
solid wire (with shielding
gas) or flux core wire.
Capable of welding 5/16” steel
in a single pass when operating
on 230V power. Use the included 120V adapter cord to run this unit off 120V AC power with a single pass. MIG welder capacity of 3/16”. Features infinite wire feed speed control and voltage control, cooling fan and thermal overload protection. Ideal for use when welding materials from 24 gauge to 5/16”.
$1,095.00 $1,429.00
Welding Cart
with Locking Door
Can be used for MIG, Stick, TIG welders and Plasma cutters along with a cylinder of shielding gas for the application.
Tig Welder AC/DC, Dual Voltage
The Cornwell® Inverter Powered MMWTIG242DVI is a dual voltage, inverter powered AC and DC TIG, Pulse TIG and DC Stick welder. This unit is intended to be used on a 50-amp 230V AC circuit or 120V, 20A AC circuit, without the use of an extension cord. This machine comes complete with a TIG Torch, a Foot Pedal, regulator/ flowmeter with inert gas hose, a ground cable and clamp, and an Electrode Holder with cable.
$2,895.00 $3,295.00
MMWUWC4 Heavy-Duty Welding Cart
Can be used for MIG,
Stick, TIG welders
and Plasma cutters
along with a cylinder of shielding gas
for the application. 400 lb. capacity. Holds one 10" diameter or two 7-1/2" diameter cylinders. Fold down handle. Wrap around cable holders. 8" rear wheels and locking front casters. Removable top cylinder rack for use with industrial wire feeder applications. 18 gauge steel construction and powder coat finish. Shelf Dimensions: 15-1/4" x 22- 1/2" top shelf and 15-1/2" x 21-7/8" bottom shelf. 18" clearance between bottom and top shelves.
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