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High Speed
Air Saw
Strokes per Minute: 10,000
CAT450AS $164.95
Free Speed: 14,000 RPM
CAT317 $129.95
     3” bluePOWER® Flex Head
Sander 6”
Reversible Cut-Off Tool
Free Speed: 12,000 RPM
CAT3160 $241.95
3 position flex head: straight, 25° upward and 25° downward. Directional control to reverse wheel rotation. Keyless, 360° adjustable rotating guard to direct sparks and debris away. 0.8HP direct-drive motor.
3/16” Orbital
  CAT800FR $219.95
bluePOWER® HD Extra Long Die Grinder
Free Speed: 22,000 RPM
CAT630XL $159.95
3/32” Orbital
           3" Reversible Angled Cut-Off Tool
Reversible design allows for directing sparks away from work. 0.7HP provides plenty of power to
cut through thick metal. Right angle head design provides improved access and control. Superior speed control with both a variable speed throttle and high/low regulator dial. Low noise muffler design is 360° rotatable.
CAT840R $241.95
Free Speed: 12,000 RPM
CAT3320 $225.95
3/8" x 13" Air Belt Sander
Free Speed: 18,000 RPM
CAT3813A $194.95
Dual Piston Straight Line Sander
Strokes per minute: 2,500
CAT315 $202.95
bluePOWER® Gear Driven Air Saw
Gear driven saw provides greater cutting capacity than a traditional piston driven saw. Exhaust collar can be rotated 360° to direct air as needed. Versatile chuck design accepts saw blades
and round shank files. Bi-material grip provides durability and comfort. Includes: 18 TPI, 24 TPI, and 32 TPI Bi-metal blades
CAT650ASK $299.95
3” Mini DA Sander Kit
Includes: 3” Mini DA Sander, 60 assorted sanding discs, 2” backing pad, 3” backing pad, removal tool and blow-molded case
CAT300MDASK $212.95
Sander 6”
   NOTE: All items shown in this flyer are limited in quantities and subject to availability. Please also note that the printed color may differ from the actual color due to variations in the printing process. Cornwell®, the Ironman Logo, The Choice of Professionals® and bluePOWER® are registered trademarks of the Cornwell® Quality Tools Company.

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