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    Work Stand with Sling
For use in painting, sanding, refinishing, glass work, welding, grinding and upholstery. 3/8” thick foam padding to prevent scratches and tears. Capable of handling loads up to 400 lbs. Adjustable height and width: 33” - 40” tall. Sling easily attaches with hook and loop fasteners. Some assembly required.
AS5575 $74.95 $83.95
Work Stand Extender
Extension tailored for long or wide bumpers, hoods and fenders that would normally be difficult to balance on a work stand. 3 way adjustable from 77.5” to 80” in length. Works on any tube design work stand. Bungee cord loop for tying down work pieces. Works on stand height settings of 30”-36” (or affixed with 5-6 chain lengths). Center hook separation distance: 24.5”-26.5”. Maximum weight capacity: 200 lbs.
AS5571 $29.95 $34.95
Hatch JammerTM
Allows body shop
technicians to
hold lift gate or
hatch in a partially
open position for
sanding, painting or buffing, including being able to work on the edges of the panel. Adjustable 11-1/2” slide bar gives up to 24” to adjust the angle and is secured by tightening the two adjustment knobs.
SM17100 $39.95
Panel Tree
An adjustable stand that takes the frustration
out of painting panels, hoods, and doors. Panels load easily and quickly. Center post design allows access to edge, bottom and both sides of the panel. Paint panels, jambs, and car all at one time. Save hours of dry time. Hold one or two panels securely. A total of six adjustable arms (three straight and three offset) to fit any size panel. Casters for easy mobility. Wide base for stability.
SM35900 $399.95
Retainer Clip Release Tool
Remove fender
flares and
rocker moldings
without breaking any clips. Slides between molding and panel to access expansion ears
and release clip from the outside. Spring steel design provides flexibility to reach tight areas
and strength to release clip. The wide opening allows the tool to release all types of retainer clips. Overall Length: 10”
SM21715 $22.95
Hustler Stick
Aligns bumpers, panels, hoods,
decks and brackets. Heavy-duty 1-1/4” diameter tubing with two welded hooks for strength and versatility. 1/4” chain, 6 ft. long, hooks on both ends.
SH77175 $224.95 $258.87
Extended Clip Release Tool
Save time
and energy
door panel
clips when
a door panel. Made in the USA, the tool is 18” long which allows bi-directional access to grip under the clips that sit deep in the door panel. Using beveled end with large 6” handle allows you to twist and raise the interior door panel clips. Beveled end also provides the ability to release Ford truck bed rail plastic caps by using the same twisting motion, saving replacement rail cap costs.
SM21710 $44.95
             BigEasyTM Glo with Wedge Kit
Unlocks cars in seconds without
damaging car doors. A 55 inch
steel rod covered with special
reflective powder coating will ‘Glo’
after absorbing sun light for night
time lockouts. Simple to use by first inserting the Easy Wedge into the top of the door to allow enough room to then insert the BigEasyTM tool to press or hook the door lock from inside the window rather than using the door panel. Includes: BigEasyTM Glo tool, non- marring wedge, lock knob lifter, paint protector and the popular inflatable Easy Wedge
SM32955 $74.95
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