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 Wheel Stud Installer
Use with a ratchet or impact wrench to pull the new stud securely in place.
LS22800 $30.95 $38.45
Dual Piston Brake Pad Spreader Makes dual piston pad replacement a simple job.
LS25750 $67.95 $76.95
Combination Rear Brake Tool Kit
to work
on single
piston disc
brakes that
require the
piston to
be rotated
back into
the caliper
as well as pistons that are not rotated. Includes two double-sided adapters along with a pinless adapter. Shaft may be rotated both directions depending on the vehicle application.
LS29350 $156.95
Brake Lining Gauge Set
Allows brake
pad wear to be
accurately and consistently
measured without guessing. Gauges
are color coded to
match SAE or Metric recommendations
for brake pad replacement.
LS81850 $19.95 $24.70
           20 CONNECT WITH US:
  Digital Tram Gauge
Digital laser measuring system with digital readout. Telescopes from 42" to 15'. Tram measures both SAE and Metric. Magnetic attachment for checking frame and unibody. Includes hard case, 3 pairs of pointers (18", 12" & 5"), laser targets and more.
KTEART90L $1,025.00 $1,139.00
Mini Squaring Tram
Fits easily under hoods of small vehicles. Pointer adapter allows measurements as short as 2”. Tram extends to 70” with pointer adapter. Closed Length: 21”
KTEART90MINI $164.95
4 Piece Jack Set
Versatile tool - pushes, pulls, aligns, spreads, straightens. 55” long solid alloy 3/4” rod eliminates need for extension tubes. Friction jack has 5 hardened friction plates for minute adjustments - up to 3000 lbs. push/pull power. Multiple position handle for hard to reach areas.
5 Piece Body Forming Punch Set
These punches fit
where your hammer
will not. Great for
tight clearance spots,
crevices and corners.
The punch surfaces are
polished and hardened
to form sheet metal
with precision in hard-
to-reach areas. For use
on: Door panels, high
crown panels, interior
parts of body panels, fenders, rear quarter panels, trunk lids and frames. Comes with 5 of the most popular profiles and shapes to fit the job.
TE89360 $154.95 $173.51
Hand Riveter
Contains the MR39000 Hand Riveter and an assortment of popular size automotive rivets in a durable molded plastic case.
MR39001 $84.47
3 Piece Flexi-BlockTM Assortment
The Flexi-BlockTM Assort
is a set of three flexible
sanding bars for detail
sanding applications.
Constructed of a dense
yet flexible compound that allows bending to suit body profiles while maintaining a firm and durable backing for highly effective sanding. Each bar measures 11”
in length. Includes: Rectangular Block for flat sanding and sharp corners, Double D Block with radius sides for sanding inside contours, and Curved Block for complex body lines and details
         SH77043 $179.95 $201.18
Seam Buster
JLAP6 $24.95
Hood Holder
   Easily separate
spot welded or
bonded panels.
For quarter
panels, rockers
and any other pinchweld. Sharpened on two edges. Cushioned handle absorbs shock.
SM20015 $34.95
High-Vis Green
   Holds hood, door or trunk lid open during repair work. Range: 28” telescoping to 46”. Not for use as heavy- duty supporter - 50 pounds maximum.
VMV387G $32.95
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