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   Caster Camber Kit for GM, 21mm & 24mm
Includes a cam adjusting holding tool to adjust the upper control
arm cams found on Chevrolet and GMC vehicles. The holding tool
surrounds the entire perimeter of each cam to provide a no-slip
work area when moving the hard-to-reach and often rusty OEM
cams. The 14-1/2" 21mm/24mm wrench can be conveniently used
from the bottom side of the vehicle instead of reaching through the wheel well which saves technicians time.
LS41630 $46.95 $52.75
FWD Wheel Bearing Adapter Kit
For use on front wheel drive cars and light trucks. The wheel bearing adapters allow the user to replace the wheel bearings with the steering knuckle and strut assembly intact on the vehicle.
16 Piece Master Locking Wheel
     HR904 $175.95 $238.95
Puller/Bearing Separator Set
Works on larger applications up to 7 tons. Can be used as a bearing splitter/puller on its own.
HRC4517 $139.95 $163.95
Designed for removing many OEM and aftermarket specific locking wheel lug nuts. This set consists of 8 internally splined bits along with 8 hex and star bits. Reduces chances of damaging lug nuts or wheels. Chrome-vanadium construction and rust-resistant finish. Comes in a blow molded case.
HR75510 $112.95 $137.95
5 Piece 1/2" Drive Torque Extension
For torquing wheel nuts
on most foreign and
domestic cars and light
trucks to the correct
torque with thin wall or
regular lug nut sockets.
Does the work of 13
regular torque sockets. Includes: 100 ft.-lb.
(Gray), 80 ft.-lb. (Blue),
65 ft.-lb. (Yellow), 120
ft.-lb. (White), 140 ft.-lb. (Aqua)
LTHLT1460 $157.95 $187.06
Lug Remover Set
         Bearing Race and Seal Driver
8 Piece Wheel Stud Pilot Pin Set
Four pairs
of metric threaded wheel stud pilot
pins allow the wheel to be hung without having to balance the wheel on the small lip of the
LS14150 $79.95 $87.95
Master Set
  Insert wheel bearing race and seals without damage to race and axle housing. Includes handle and nine
driver sizes (Range: 1.565” to 3.180”) to fit most standard wheel bearings in a plastic blow-molded case.
LS12980 $108.95 $120.34
           U-Joint Puller
Quickly and easily removes sealed U-Joint caps without damage to drive shafts, yokes or bearing caps. Heat-treated threads and casting for durability. Works on cars, light-duty trucks and farm equipment.
LS42890 - Small (1" to 1.25" bearing caps) $78.95 $87.95 LS42900 - Medium (1.25" to 1.7" bearing caps) $107.95 $120.95 LS42910 - Large (1.5" to 2.2" bearing caps) $197.95 $219.95
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