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   Vacuum Pump
Single stage. Includes: T-fitting with 1/4” Flare and 1/2” ACME ports and 3 inlet ports - 1/4”, 3/8” SAE and 1/2” ACME
MCL90062B - 3 CFM MCL90066B - 6 CFM
$219.95 $249.95 $259.95 $310.95
Stylus Pro® USB UV with Charger
400nm ultraviolet LED with 325mW. Light runs for approximately
2.5 hours.
STL66148 $89.95
Refractometer, Coolant, Battery & DEF
Includes: Refractometer, calibration fluid, calibration syringe, calibration tool, lens cleaner, instructions and a hard case
CEC3R401 $114.95 $129.95
Coolant Refill, Retention and
    Pressure Test Kit
  R134a Manifold Gauge Set
Performs the three most common services needed; pressure test, coolant retention and refill. Transition between each function without removing the tool. Replace components without draining the cooling system. High flow rate (7.8 CFM) and deep vacuum (28.4 InHg). Long intake hose is ideal for all applications, including HD truck. Fastest refill rate available (4.8 gal/min). Prevents air pockets when refilling and works with most adapters. Includes 10’ coolant intake hose, dual function gauge (press/vac) with protective boot and storage case.
MSM3N1 $399.95 $439.95
with 72” Hoses
Includes: Aluminum manifold, set of three 72” hoses and couplers
MCL289772 $129.95 $143.95
R134a Manifold Gauge Set
Aluminum R134a set comes complete with 60” hoses and R134a manual couplers.
MCL89660A $159.95 $199.95
Infrared Thermometer with Target
Offers laser targeting accuracy, enhanced back- lit LCD display and an expanded temperature range of -50°C
to 500°C, -58°F to 932°F. Includes: (2) AAA batteries, instruction manual, dial thermometer and custom molded box
MCL52224 $89.95 $121.95
Heavy-Duty Cooling System
    Pressure Tester
    Pressure pump uses shop air to generate pressure in large truck cooling systems. Used
to test pressure relieving caps found on large trucks.
MSM300K $199.95 $219.95
Heavy-Duty Cooling
   System Adapter Kit
   Air Powered Cooling System
Compatible with most cooling system pressure tester pumps. For large truck cooling systems.
MSM6000 $159.95 $184.95
AIRLIFTTM Radiator Air Purge and
Eliminates airlocks
in vehicle cooling
systems and refills
the entire system
including the heater
core in seconds.
“Fits-All” cone adapter
easily connects onto
any vehicle, including cars, trucks and off-road vehicles. Rugged metal body design stands up to the rigors of a shop environment. Comes with body assembly with gauge and ball valve control, Venturi connector and hose, fill hose with filter, various size rubber adapters and rugged storage case.
UV550000 $219.95 $269.95
 Pressure Tester
  Designed for
automotive repair,
the MSM400K
uses shop air to
generate pressure
in a cooling system
effortlessly. An
integrated pressure
regulator is used
to set the desired
pressure. The pressure pump has a blow-off spring to prevent over-pressurization as well as a safe pressure release system to keep the technician’s hands safe. The set includes the four most popular cooling system adapters for testing automotive cooling systems (MSM10128, MSM10138, MSM10036 and MSM10052P).
MSM400K $209.95 $234.95
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