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       True RMS Digital Multimeter Kit
Faster and more accurate DC volt testing with NEW Rapid AutoRange. True RMS, AC/DC Volts, CAP, Frequency, Duty Cycle, Temp and 10A range. Large LCD, built-in test lead holsters and rubber overmold for durability. Includes: CBPDM100 Multimeter, test leads and temp probe
CBPDM100 $99.95 $124.95
Deluxe Automotive Meter
45 test ranges
and 14 test
functions. Large
dual display
w/analog bar
graph. 10 Meg/
Ohm input
Includes 30 amp
Fuse Buddy
Adapter tests circuit amperage draw. Also includes two sets of test leads, RPM pick-up, temperature probe, protective holster, 9 volt battery, instruction manual and carrying case.
ESC585M $149.95 $169.95
Amp Alert
Instant parasitic
drain finder. No
need to remove
fuse from the fuse
box. Simply touch
probes to the top
of the fuse and tool
gives off a distinct audible tone when parasitic drain (current) is detected. Avoid blown multi-meter fuses. Resolution down to 5 milliamps.
HR69 $44.95
Heavy-Duty Circuit Tester
Checks 6 and 12 volt
systems. Heavy-duty
grounding clip with
insulating boot. Five feet of
tough flexible rubber wire
retained in spring supported
strain relief. Lead wire permanently attached. Clear plastic handle makes bulb highly visible.
$11.95 $14.95
Power Probe® 3 Kit
Exclusive blue flame
graphics. Features
test light, audio tone,
voltmeter, 20 ft. jumper
lead, bad ground
indicator, continuity
tester, short circuit
indicator, and relay/
component tester.
With the press of a switch, have an instant hot lead or ground lead to activate components. Features audio tone and LED light. Includes: Power Probe® 3, cigarette lighter adapter, 3” probe tip, battery hook-up clips, 20 ft. extension lead, instruction manual and blow-molded case
PWPP319FTCBF $189.95 $211.95
Test Lead Kit
Comes with roll up storage pouch to keep your leads organized. Includes: 43” long 4mm banana test leads,
test probes, long back
probes, safety test
probes, crocodile clips, 4mm female to 4mm female adapter, 4mm male to 4mm female adapter, 4mm plug to small gator clip and 4mm female plug
LS82650 $109.95 $142.95
3x10 ft. Magnetic Test Lead
3 lead, 10’ long test lead set with a magnetic back for mounting on metal surfaces. Test leads pull out and stay at desired length and retract back
into own protective case.
18-gauge wire, 10 amps
fully extended, 6 amps when wound.
RB1135 $29.95 $34.95
54 Piece Universal Test Connector Kit
This comprehensive
test kit features a wide
variety of adapter sets.
It enables connection to
almost every automotive
and vehicle connector,
both foreign and domestic,
including: Flat spade
type male/female; Round
terminals male/female;
Micro 64 terminals square
& round male/female; Deutsch terminals - size 14,
16, 20 male/female; new Micro 50 terminals - male/ female. Terminal adapters connect via the included 48” stacking banana plug test leads. Connects to most DMMs and scopes.
$179.95 $219.95
Premium Self-Adjusting Wire Stripper
Self-adjusts for 10-24 AWG
wire. Adjustable stopper
controls the length of
the strip. Solid alignment
mechanism. Rear cover protects painted surfaces. Built-in wire cutter and full-length, contoured grips. Crimps 10-22AWG insulated, 10-22AWG non-insulated and 7-8mm ignition terminals.
CTG5020A $29.95 $42.95
4-in-1 Crimper Tool Set
Compact 7” design can be used
four ways: Gripping nose - to
pull, twist, bend, and shape;
Crimper - crimps 12-20 AWG
insulated and non-insulated
wire; Stripper - strips 12-20
AWG wire; Cutter - ability to
make cuts below pivot. Angled feature allows access to close quarters and facilitates superior crimps.
OW5950K $69.95 $84.95
20 Piece Back Probe Kit
Back probe harness connectors, fuel injectors and automotive sensors. Straight, 45°, and
90° stainless steel probes. Compatible
with standard 4mm plug. 12”extension leads.
CTGBP20 $22.95 $29.50
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