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  TS608K-1 TPMS & Diagnostic Tablet
Premium Diagnostic Leak/EVAP
 with (8) MX1-Sensors
Smoke Machine with Easy INTAKETM
All systems
codes and live
data, advanced
service functions,
and complete
TPMS tool. Read/
all known OEM
TPMS sensors and program/clone Autel MX-Sensors. Read/erase codes and view live data for all modules
in all systems, key fob signal tests, and 20 service functions including ABS brake bleed, EPB, DPF and SAS. The 7” touchscreen tablet communicates wirelessly with the vehicle. Includes (8) MX1-Sensors, 1-year tool warranty and 1-year of free software updates.
AUT700040 $829.95 $1,095.00
Platinum S6 Wireless 6" Scan Tool
OBDII coverage for Asian,
Domestic and European
vehicles. Read/erase
codes and view live data
for all modules. Perform
maintenance and service
resets. Graph up to 4
PIDs simultaneously.
Create diagnostic reports. Bluetooth® wireless VCI stores inside tablet handle. 6" touch screen, built-in speaker and 8MP camera. Free coverage updates downloadable via Wi-Fi. Optional bi-directional upgrade subscription. Includes tablet, VCI, wall charger and storage case.
THCPS6 $399.95 $449.95
Wireless ChassisEARTM
Detects the
source of
rattles and
other noises
chassis. Wireless 50' range from the transmitter to receiver. LED lights indicate signal strength of the active channel. Listen to noises with the built- in speaker or with headphones through the 3.5mm jack. Isolate noisy bearings, pulleys, suspension components, faulty injectors and more. Kit includes 4 clamp-on transmitters which allows the technician to perform multiple point tests.
JS60635 $339.95 $418.95
OEM Approved
diagnostic leak
detector helps
locate and
repair leaks in
sealed systems.
Includes Easy
INTAKETM inflatable
block off bladder used to test intake or exhaust systems quickly and easily. Flow meter, compound pressure gauge and decay feature verifies repairs are complete. Made of professional grade billet aluminum. Includes: Leak Detector, Easy INTAKETM, vapor producing fluid, halogen inspection light, EVAP service port tool, EVAP Schrader® valve removal tool, assorted cap plug kit, and plastic accessory case. Made in USA. 2-year warranty.
RL9550CT $1,149.95 $1,299.95
Advanced Diagnostic Wireless
     13 Piece Turbo Air System Test Kit
8" touchscreen, AndroidTM-based diagnostic tablet powered by a hexa-core processor. 64GB memory and Bluetooth®-enabled VCI Mini with extension for easier OBDII port attachment. Features advanced diagnostics including active tests
and bi-directional controls. Scan VIN/barcode recognition for quick vehicle identification. FCA Secure Gateway Access with AutoAuth subscription. Pre/Post-SCAN customizable reports, Data management and Repair & Diagnostic Database. Includes MS906S tablet, non-OBDII adapter kit, VCI mini w/ extension, blow-molded case and one-year update subscription.
AUTMS906S $1,549.00
Tablet with Bluetooth® VCI
  with Smoke Adapter
 The turbo system
leakage tester
helps locate
air leaks in the
components by
plugging the output
side of the turbo
and plugging the intake inlet. Air is applied through one end of the adapter to show the presence of leaks within the system. Kit features a pressure gauge, shut off valve and pressure regulator and comes with six pairs of stepped adapters to fit most sizes of hose. Can also be used on cooling system hoses.
LS69910 $329.95 $400.35
Digital Videoscope with 8.5mm
       9 Piece Heavy-Duty Turbo Air
Dual-camera, 8.5mm probe
provides front and side cameras
that can be viewed independently
or together. Flexible 39.4-inch
cable and 70-degree field of
view. 4.1” Color LCD Display.
Rechargeable battery with up
to 4 hours of continuous use.
2-megapixel camera. 7x Digital zoom. Built-in LED flashlight. Includes 8GB Micro-SD card.
AUTMV480 $399.95 $459.95
System Test Kit with Smoke Adapter
Dual-Camera Probe
  Capable of high,
mid and low
pressure testing.
Locate air leaks
by plugging the
output side of the
turbo and intake
inlet. Connect
smoke machine
and shop air with the included T-valve. Air and smoke flow through the adapter to pressurize the system and identify leaks. Includes pressure regulator, storage case and four pairs of adapters to fit most turbo systems on class 7 and 8 trucks.
LS69930 $299.95 $366.03
Premium Low Current
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Large 19mm (.75") clamp size can clamp over larger ground cables and some multiground cable systems. TrueRMS accuracy. Excellent ZERO function. Accurate measurements down to 1mA (.001A). 5,000 count backlit
LCD display with analog bargraph. Peak MIN/MAX function. Standard MIN/MAX function. CATIII 600 volts safety rating. Built-in temperature - Fahrenheit and Celsius. Great tool for parasitic drain testing.
ES688 $329.95 $409.95
Clamp Meter

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