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1,000 lb. Air Assist Telescoping Transmission Jack
$1,495.00 $1,695.00 CTJTJ1KA
Designed for the removal, installation and transporting of transmissions and transfer
cases on vehicles that are supported by lifts. Minimum height of 35”. Foot activated raising and lowering pedals. Manual operated second stage hydraulics provide precise and controlled raising and lowering of load. Universal saddle with four ratcheting arms. Includes 2 locking casters to prevent moving. Nylon strap tie down secures
the load to the saddle. Compliant with the latest ASME PASE-2014 safety standard.
        6,000 lb. Portable Mid-Rise Lift
$2,995.00 VSG6000MRL
3 Ton Vehicle Stands
$52.95 $59.95
CSEVS3TBL - Blue CSEVS3TNG - Neon Green CSEVS3TRG - Orange
Wide four legged steel base for stability. Support column with ratchet teeth provides multiple height positions. Self-locking handle and pawl secures column in place. Large saddles for easy positioning of the load and support.
52” rise ideal for tire, brake and body work. Fast 30 second operation and multiple locking positions. Low 5” profile when lowered. Works on 110V or 220V. Includes truck adapters.
Auto Dolly HD 12" x 16"
$179.95 $201.95 MERM998104
Designed to allow one person
to move automobiles, trucks,
boats and trailers, lawn
mowers, jet skis, and most
other heavy vehicles with
ease. Made of super-strong
1/4” steel. Weight Capacity:
2,500 lbs. per dolly. Sold in a set of two (2).
Premium 3-1/2 Ton Heavyweight
Floor Jack
  Pair of Lifting Brackets
$54.95 $60.95 OW7100 4,000 lbs. capacity. 1/2”
diameter mounting holes.
$1,399.95 $1,654.95 ACC216V
5 HP 230 volt single phase. 22 amp 15.33 ACFM @ 100 PSI, 13.35 ACFM @ 165 PSI. Maximum pressure: 165
PSI. No magnetic starter required. Cast iron cylinder stainless steel valves. 60 gallon ASME tank. 1/2" outlet dimensions: 29"L x 20"D x 68"H. Shipping weight: 300 lbs. 2 year warranty.
$399.95 $546.95
CTJHW35BL - Blue CTJHW35NG - Neon Green CTJHW35RG - Orange
Built to withstand the toughest conditions, full-framed rails and robust chassis provide maximum strength, stability and prevent twisting. Crowned front wheels for easier rolling. Double-pump pistons rises quickly to service height. High-performance pressure seals and hydraulic fluid for increased life. 3.5 Ton capacity with min/max height of 3.75”/21.75”
2 Ton Low Profile Jack
   1,500 lb. Underhoist
2 HP Single Stage
$389.45 $495.50
 $159.95 $186.95 CSEUH15A
Bearing mounted spin handle and self-locking AcmeTM threaded rod provide easy height adjustment. 12” diameter base provides stability. Lightweight, slender design allows
for easy handling in tight areas. Contoured saddle supports most component configurations. Foot pedal model will lift a vehicle component weighing up to 400 lbs. another 1-1/4”. Compliant with the latest ASME PASE-2014 safety standard.
$896.15 $1,046.15 ACC5026VP
2 HP 115 volt single phase.
15 amp 8.31 ACFM @ 40
PSI, 7.10 ACFM @ 100 PSI.
Maximum pressure: 130
PSI. No magnetic starter
required. Cast iron cylinder,
stainless steel valves. 26
gallon portable tank. 1/4"
outlet dimensions: 25"L x
25-1/2"D x 51"H. Shipping weight: 165 lbs.
Ultra-low 2-3/4”
height. Low-
profile design
throughout the
whole chassis
allows full
reach under
low ground
vehicles. 24-1/4”
maximum height. Overload and bypass safety valves prevent over extension. Rubber saddle pad and foam bumper pad protect vehicle from damage.
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