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Heavy-Duty Cooling System Pressure Tester
$169.95 $189.95 MSM300K
Pressure pump uses shop air to generate pressure in large truck cooling systems. Used to test pressure relieving caps found on large trucks.
  Heavy-Duty Cooling
 System Adapter Kit
$149.95 $169.95 MSM6000
Compatible with most cooling system pressure tester pumps. For large truck cooling systems.
 Eight Gallon Oil Lift
Master Spring Compressor Kit
$83.95 $99.95 HR90200
Removes and installs coil springs quickly and safely.
Compress coil springs on all passenger cars and pick- up trucks.
Bushing Driver Set
$169.95 $225.50
   Air Powered Cooling System Pressure Tester
$199.95 MSM400K
Designed for
automotive repair,
the MSM400K uses
shop air to generate
pressure in a cooling
system effortlessly.
An integrated pressure
regulator is used to set
the desired pressure. The pressure pump has a blow- off spring to prevent over-pressurization as well as a safe pressure release system to keep the technician’s hands safe. The set includes the four most popular cooling system adapters for testing automotive cooling systems (MSM10128, MSM10138, MSM10036 and MSM10052P).
AIRLIFTTM Radiator Air Purge and
$24.95 $29.95
Large 15” funnel with strainer. Wide working range 36-1/2” to 74”. Quick release lock ring for fast raising/ lowering of upper tube. Heavy-duty adjustment clamp. Large handle and big pour spout with threaded cap for pouring ease. Lower center of gravity for increased stability. Four 2-1/2” ball bearing swivel wheels. Special shaped translucent eight gallon jug. Reinforced base will not warp with hot oil.
Oil Filter Pliers
$44.95 $49.95
Remove and install bushings ranging from
3/8” to 1-3/8” in diameter. Includes 3 driver handles and 16 bushing adapters. Comes in a blow-molded case.
with heavy-duty
forged levers with
cushioned grips.
Spring loaded, easily
adjusted. One-hand
operation. Range: 2-1/2" to 5-1/4"; overall length: 13-1/4".
Truck & Tractor Filter Pliers
Vacuum/Pressure Pump Kit
 $99.95 $113.10
  $44.95 $59.95
Pump produces
vacuum along
with pressure
for a variety of
vehicle service
brake bleeding,
fluid transfer,
evacuation, sampling, windshield repair and more.
Puller/Bearing Separator Set
with heavy-duty
forged levers with
cushioned grips.
Spring loaded, easily
adjusted. One-hand operation. Range: 3-3/4" to 7". Overall length: 18-1/2"
21MM Double Offset Caster Wrench
$209.95 $236.95
  Eliminates airlocks
in vehicle cooling
systems and
refills the entire
system including
the heater core in
seconds. “Fits-All”
cone adapter easily
connects onto any vehicle, including cars, trucks and off-road vehicles. Rugged metal body design stands up to the rigors of a shop environment. Comes with body assembly with gauge and ball valve control, Venturi connector and hose, fill hose with filter, various size rubber adapters and rugged storage case.
$129.95 $153.19 Works
on larger applications up to 7 tons. Can be used as a bearing splitter/ puller on its own.
  $39.95 $52.75
The 14-1/2”
21MM wrench
can be used from
bottom side of
vehicle to move
hard-to-reach and
often rusty OEM cams on 1999 and newer GM vehicles with coil spring front suspensions.
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