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 Deluxe Automotive Meter
$129.95 $159.95 ESC585M
45 test ranges and 14 test functions. Large dual display w/analog bar graph. 10 Meg/Ohm input impedance. Includes 30 amp Fuse Buddy Adapter tests circuit amperage draw. Also includes two sets of test leads, RPM pick-up, temperature probe, protective holster, 9 volt battery, instruction manual and carrying case.
     Wireless ChassisEARTM
Combines the power
of the PowerProbe® IV
with the PWPECT3000
to quickly troubleshoot
and diagnose circuit
conditions. Save time
by easily locating open
or shorted circuits
with the PWPECT3000. Features: DC voltmeter, AC voltmeter, ohm meter, fuel injector tester, computer driver tester, open circuit detector, short circuit detector, directional short circuit indicator, distance from
source wire indicator, ergonomic housing. Kit includes: Power Probe® IV, Short/Open Finder (PWPECT3000), PowerProbe® Lead Set (PWPPLS01)
Precision TrueRMS Digital Multimeter $189.95 $319.95 CBPDM15
Unequalled precision with a 0.06%
accuracy specification. TrueRMS
for accurate readings of irregular
AC signals. Bargraph indicates rapid
changes in measurements. Packaged in a blow- molded case. Features include: Auto Range, Hold, Min/ Max, Peak Detect, Hybrid Compatible and Waterproof.
Heavy-Duty Circuit Tester
$11.95 $14.95 TE27
Checks 6 and 12 volt
systems. Heavy-duty
grounding clip with insulating
boot. Five feet of tough
flexible rubber wire retained in spring supported strain relief. Lead wire permanently attached. Clear plastic handle makes bulb highly visible.
Power Probe® IV Master Kit
24 Piece Master Terminal Tool Kit
$169.95 $209.95
    $439.95 $495.95
Comes with a harness
splitter, which speeds
access to the wiring
harness. Eliminates
damage to wires or
terminal blocks. Covers
19 vehicles including:
BMW, Mercedes, VW,
Audi, Jaguar, Porsche,
Saab, Ford, Renault, Chrysler, Fiat, Honda, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Toyota and Opel.
1,500A UltraSafe Lithium Jump Starter $189.95 NOCGB50
Designed for gas engines up
to 7L and 4.5L diesel. Rated at
1,500 amps with up to 30 jump
starts on a single charge. Spark-
proof connections and reverse
polarity protection. 200 lumen LED flashlight with 7 modes. Hot and Cold LED indicators. Holds charge for up to one year and features USB port for charging personal devices. New HD Precision Battery Clamps easily connect to any 12V lead-acid battery.
Battery & Charging/Starting System Analyzer
$129.95 TCTB200CW
Tests all 12V Lead Acid
Batteries, including AGM
and Gel. 100 to 1,700 CCA.
Bright, color LCD with
easy-to-read graphical
display. Displays battery
condition as % of available capacity with color-coded bar graph for easy diagnosis. Detects and alerts of bad cells and surface charge. 5V to 33V operating range. 12V starter test with cranking voltage. 12V charging test with load and ripple test. Made in USA. 2-year warranty.
  $299.95 $362.92
Detects the
source of
rattles and
other noises
Wireless 50' range from the transmitter to receiver. LED lights indicate signal strength of the active channel. Listen to noises with the built-in speaker or with headphones through the 3.5MM jack. Isolate noisy bearings, pulleys, suspension components, faulty injectors and more. Kit includes 4 clamp-on transmitters which allows the technician to perform multiple point tests.
True RMS Digital Multimeter Kit
$99.95 $109.95 CBPDM100
Faster and more accurate
DC volt testing with
NEW Rapid AutoRange.
True RMS, AC/DC Volts,
CAP, Frequency, Duty
Cycle, Temp and 10A
range. Large LCD, built-in
test lead holsters and
rubber overmold for durability. Includes: CBPDM100 Multimeter, test leads and temp probe
  54 Piece Automotive Connector
Test Lead Kit
$159.95 $198.95
  Complete test kit covering 14 different size terminals, both
flat and round, which enable connection to most automotive vehicle connectors, both foreign and domestic. Includes set of
48” stacking banana plug test leads.
20 Piece Back Probe Kit
$24.95 $29.95 CTGBP20
Back probe harness connectors, fuel injectors
and automotive sensors. Straight, 45°, and 90° stainless steel probes. Compatible with standard 4MM plug. 12”extension leads.
TurboCharger 2
 Battery Charger with
$374.99 ASD7050CW
45 amp continuous charge rating. 220A engine cranking assist. Automatic 90 minute timer with hold. Works on 6 and 12 volt batteries. Safe in any weather
for outdoor use. Powder-coated
steel housing, chrome tubular
handles and 100% copper cable
with flexible insulation. Fully
assembled. Made in USA. 2-year warranty.
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