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34 Piece Quick Change Bit Set
Quick change set allows for easy removal and chucking of bits. Bits constructed of durable S2 steel. Includes 1-15/16”, 1-7/8”, 2”, 3-1/2” and 6” bits for extended reach. Packaged in a blow- molded case.
$111.95 $143.95
7 Piece Star T-Handle Hex Key Set T10 to T40
$50.95 $64.95
8 Piece Metric T-Handle Hex Key Set
Sizes: 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm
$54.95 $69.95
9 Piece SAE T-Handle Hex Key Set Sizes: 5/64” to 3/8”
$60.95 $77.95
5-in-1 Long Nose Pliers
10” pliers
with crimping,
cutting, wire
and fastener
Offset jaws offer a clear line of sight. Offers better orientation of the hand and forearms during grip exertion.
$28.95 $39.00
5 Piece Multi-Purpose Pliers Set
CPL303 - Blue CPL303NG - Neon Green
Includes: 8" slip joint pliers, 10" tongue and groove pliers, 6" long nose pliers with cutter, 6" linesman pliers and 6" diagonal pliers
$77.95 $97.95
5 Piece Deluxe All Purpose Pliers Set
CPL309 - Blue CPL309NG - Neon Green
Includes: 8" Slip Joint Pliers, 10" Tongue and Groove Pliers, 7-1/2" Bent Wide Jaw Diagonal Pliers, 8" Long Nose Pliers, and 7" Linesman Pliers
$76.95 $129.95
2 Piece Kiwi Pliers Set
6” and 8” needle-nose pliers at an angle. Curved handles fit your hand. Better hand alignment provides a clear line of sight. Internal spring opens the pliers jaws.
$24.95 $31.95
3 Piece Water Pump Pliers Set
Push button allows pliers to easily adjust to different jaw openings to fit many different fasteners, nuts, pipes, etc. Manufactured
with high alloy steel
for rugged, long lasting performance. Feature dipped grips for added comfort. Includes lengths: 7", 10", 12"
$99.95 $130.95
                  10 Piece Multi-Purpose Pliers Set
CPL304 - Blue CPL304NG - Neon Green
Includes: 5-1/2" Mini Long Reach Diagonal Pliers, 6" Mini Long Reach Duck Bill Pliers, 6" Mini Long Reach Long Nose Pliers, 7" Mini Long Reach 22° Bent Long Nose Pliers, 11" Long Nose Pliers with cutter, 11" 45° Bent Nose Pliers, 11" Duck Bill Pliers, 11" Small Gripper Pliers, 11" Medium Gripper Pliers, 11" Large Gripper Pliers
$143.95 $259.95
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