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Infrared Thermometer with Target Laser
Offers laser targeting accuracy, enhanced back-lit LCD display and an expanded temperature range of -50°C to
500°C, -58°F to 932°F.
Includes: (2) AAA batteries, instruction manual, dial thermometer and custom molded box
$99.95 $109.95
Power Probe® Temperature Kit
A dual-zone digital thermometer
with a wireless remote temperature
sensor. The remote temp sensor
can transmit temperature readings
up to 195’ (60M) away from the
base unit. Users can monitor
temperature differences (ambient
versus AC outlet, inside versus outside temps and more). Operating range and measuring range is -4o F to 158o F (-20o C to 70o C). Requires (2) AA and (2) AAA batteries, with a battery life of 400 hours.
$34.95 $41.50
IntellaSense II Leak Detector
Heated tin oxide
sensing element.
Sensing life is
2,000 hours.
Detects all refrigerants
(HFC, CFC, HCFC, and blends). Response time less than one second. Battery: (2) C alkaline 6,000 mAh batteries (included). Operating range: 0°F to 120°F.
$249.95 $279.95
Rechargeable UV Flashlight
154–170 μW/cm2
which is compatible to
a 50 watt UV flashlight.
UV Wavelength: 390-
400. Rechargeable
Li-ion battery and AAA backup power. 3 to 5 hours continuous leak detection. Includes safety glasses.
$89.95 $99.95
WorkStar® Rechargeable UV Penlight with Zoom
True UV LED (395nm) with 600mW output. Adjustable 3x zoom. Side mounted On/Off switch. 35min continuous runtime. IP67 waterproof, rugged aluminum construction. Rechargeable Li-Po battery with charge indicator. Includes micro USB cable.
$39.95 $46.95
Vacuum Assist Coolant Refiller
Use with shop air
(80+ PSI) to create
a vacuum and refill
a drained cooling
system in less than
five minutes. Helps
prevent "airlocks".
Compatible with most cooling system adapters. Powerful 2.4 CFM vacuum generator and large fluid passageways give the refiller a fluid flow rate of 2.4 gallons per minute. Includes hard storage case.
$189.95 $224.95
Vacuum Assist Coolant Refiller, Universal
Seals to cooling systems
with included molded
cones - no adapters
required. Fits 99% of
cars and light trucks in
the market. Use with
shop air (80+ PSI) to create a vacuum and refill a drained cooling system in less than five minutes. Powerful 2.4 CFM vacuum generator and large fluid passageways. Includes hard storage case.
$189.95 $224.95
Radiator Genie
Radiator blow out/wash out kit. Air wand for blowing out debris. Water wand for washing out debris. Infinite adjustable pressure. Specially designed fan head to increase working width. Special sized tube for access to close, confined areas. Special sized opening to increase pressure. Special sized bend on fan head to go in through cowl and between fan blades and blow directly through radiator fins. Air adapter is standard Milton industrial size. Rust proof. Overall wand length: 22.5”. Nozzle length: 17”. Maximum PSI: 135
$34.95 $39.95
2 Piece
Wide Tip Hose Remover Set
CTGHRS - Blue CTGHRSG - Neon Green
Removes rubber hoses from fittings and clamps. Wide, smooth tip design prevents damage and punctures. Unique curve of the long pick faces the handle for pulling hoses off. Spoon curve of the short pick allows hoses to be pushed off. Can also be used to remove moldings, clips, clamps, seals and more.
$23.95 $26.95
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7 Piece Low Profile Filter Socket Set
Contains very low profile, 6 point 24mm, 25mm, 27mm, 28mm, 29mm, 32mm and 36mm sockets for use on oil and fuel filter canisters when replacing the element. Use with 3/8” drive.
$73.95 $82.45
2 Piece Truck Anchor Pin Bushing Driver
bushing driver
set removes
and installs
truck and trailer
1-3/8" anchor
pin bushings and
stuck anchor
pins. Includes a 11-1/2" long driver that allows bushings to be driven straight without removing the hub assembly.
$84.95 $96.20
Ball Joint Set
Over 20
adapters to
cover the
most popular
trucks, vans,
SUVs and car
designed and produced C-frame tool can be used alone to remove and replace universal joints. Includes: 20+ adapters, C-Frame, and application diagrams in a blow-molded case
$466.95 $518.95
HRC6295 Front End Service Set
Includes: 5 tools used in the servicing of ball joints, pitman arms, and tie rods on most vehicles
$149.95 $175.42
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