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Touchscreen Battery and Electrical System Diagnostic Tool
Test 6/12V batteries (100 - 3000 CCA), 12/24V cranking/charging systems and OBDII All System Diagnostics with AutoSCAN. Test Flooded,
AGM, AGM Spiral, EFB and GEL Batteries.
Uses adaptive conductance technology. Temp compensation, auto battery reset and print
test reports. AutoScan and VinScan for quick vehicle identification and battery specifications. Illustrated instruction guides. 5.5" Touchscreen and free Wi-Fi software updates. Read/Erase trouble codes. Includes Bluetooth® VCI, clamp cables, (4) side post terminals (types S & T), thermal paper roll and wireless tablet tool.
4-Channel Labscope
Works in combination with your PC or MaxiSys Tablet. Features a user-friendly design combined with unrivalled hardware specs. Up to 80MS/s and 1% accuracy. One-click auto setup of voltage scale and time base. Allows manual editing of measurement parameter display. Features color coded 4-channel control panel. Saves and reviews waveform data. Free online software updates. Includes (4) test leads, secondary ignition pickup, 2-pin breakout lead, (2) attenuators, (2) crocodile clips, (2) small crocodile clip set, (4) piercing probes and (2) meter probes.
$599.00 $729.00 CONNECT WITH US:
Power Probe® 3 Kit
Exclusive blue flame graphics. Features test light, audio tone, voltmeter, 20 ft. jumper lead, bad ground indicator, continuity tester, short circuit indicator, and relay/component tester. With the press of a switch, have an instant hot lead or ground lead to activate components. Features audio tone and LED light. Includes: Power Probe® 3, cigarette lighter adapter, 3” probe tip, battery hook-up clips, 20 ft. extension lead, instruction manual and blow-molded case
$169.95 $186.95
Cordless Automotive DC Circuit Tester
3-30V DC test range and dual polarity
can test both power and ground. Red LED and audible tone alert when DC voltage is detected. Green LED and audible beep indicate ground when testing reverse polarity. Probe the circuit and touch vehicle ground with free hand. Removable insulation piercing test adapter. Replaceable 1.5V “N” alkaline batteries (included).
$19.95 $22.95
Wire Holder
Offers an extra pair of hands when soldering. Alligator clamps firmly hold wire and small parts when soldering. Clips and base are magnetic.
6/12V Battery Charger/Starter with Service Mode
Fully automatic 6 and 12 volt charging. 55 amp Service Mode for extended service procedures and programming. Variable 2-6 amp charge/maintain, 60 amp boost and 300 amp engine start. Digital display with push-button control. 6’ battery cables with heavy-duty, 300A clamps and reverse hook-up protection. Compatible with standard, deep-cycle, AGM and GEL batteries. 2-year warranty.
$399.95 $449.95
ES192 Diagnostic Relay Buddy® 12/24
A stand alone quick
go/no-go tester
for the most common
automotive relays. Tests
both 12 and 24 volt relays.
Three different trouble codes to advise of the possible causes for a failed relay. Settable for 4 and 5 pin relay. Uses vehicle battery for power. Comes with zippered carrying case.
$79.95 $93.50
Digital Battery & Electrical System Analyzer
Test 12 volt
batteries from 200
to 1200 CCA. Test
12 volt charging
systems. Measures cranking volts to test the starting system. Test lead acid, enhanced flooded, AGM, AGM spiral, and gel cell batteries charged and discharged down to 1.5 volts.
$99.95 $119.95
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$16.95 $20.85
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