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Dual Voltage Plasma Cutter
Cuts up to 11/16" steel at a travel speed of 10" per minute. Cuts all electrically conductive materials. Cuts a narrow kerf that results in a smaller heat affected zone for reduced warping. Pilot arc for easy starts. Built-in air pressure adjustment and gauge, indicator lights and thermal overload protection. Built in water separator. Input power: 120V, 25A 50/60
Hz single phase; 230V, 40A 50/60Hz single phase. Output Voltage: 150 to 40A. Duty cycle: 40% @ 25A (120V Power); 60% @ 40A (230V Power). Required Compressed Air: 4.5 CFM @ 60
$1,695.00 $1,995.00
 Shop Equipment
 4,000 lb. Folding Engine
Designed for raising, lowering, and transporting (in the lowered position) automotive engines and other heavy shop loads. Dual pump pistons rapidly reach maximum height 25% faster than single pump designs. Low profile 4.7” legs designed to fit under a wide range of vehicle frames. 4 boom positions adjust for optimal reach based on required capacity. Drop forged steel hook swivels 360° for ease of use during operations. Adjustable anchors, and tie down straps keep engine from swaying. Space saving design folds for convenient storage.
$739.95 $869.95
1,500 lb. Underhoist
Stand w/Foot Pedal
Ideal for exhaust system installations, engine support during transmission installation and shock absorber replacement. Bearing mounted
spin handle and self-locking AcmeTM threaded rod provide easy height adjustment. 12” diameter base provides stability. Lightweight, slender design. Contoured saddle supports most component configurations. Foot pedal model will lift a vehicle component weighing up to 400 lbs. another 1-1/4”. Compliant with the latest ASME PASE- 2014 safety standard.
$174.95 $206.40
5 HP 2 Stage Compressor
5 HP 230 volt single phase. 22 amp 16.1 ACFM @ 100 PSI, 14 ACFM @
165 PSI. Maximum pressure: 165 PSI. No magnetic starter required. Cast iron cylinder stainless steel valves. 60 gallon ASME tank. 1/2" outlet dimensions: 23"L x 27"W x 70"H. Shipping weight: 261 lbs. 2 year warranty.
$1,399.95 $1,654.95
SOACW7580VL30X1 7.5 HP Air Compressor, 80 Gallon Vertical
Voltage 230/1. Two Stage Pump, 175 Maximum PSI. 21.6 CFM. 80 Gallon Vertical Tank.
1,500 lb. Capacity Engine Sling
Closed link for ease of use with standard hoist hook. ACME thread for strength and ease of adjustment. Includes four chains and angle brackets for mounting. Chain diameter: 1-1/2". 1 ft. chain length
$89.95 $119.95
750 lb. Manual
Engine Stand
Designed for handling and positioning automotive engines up to 750 lbs. requiring repair or rebuild. Fully adjustable mounting head and adapter fingers. Long handle rotates mounting head. Sturdy 4 leg design for maximum stability supports engines up to 750 lbs. Compliant with the latest ASME PASE-2014 safety standard.
$159.95 $204.50
Swing Arm Tire Changer
Traditional swing arm tire changer for general service and mid-volume use. Dual table clamping cylinders with value-added specifications for protection of alloy wheels and outside clamping from 13”-24” wheels. Dual stage inflation system with safety limiter and bead sealing inflation jets built into the clamping jaws. Custom mount/ demount head features replaceable plastic inserts to protect wheels. Powerful, multi-angle adjustable bead breaker shovel loosens the most difficult tires and wheels. Requires compressed air and 110v, 50/60 Hz. Power Supply: 110V + Air; Rim Diameter (Ext.): 12” - 24”; Tire Diameter: 44"; Max. Wheel Width: 15"; Turn Table Speed: 8-15 rpm.
$3,895.00 $4,195.00
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