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18 Piece Disc Brake Caliper Set
Assist in replacement of brake pads. Adapters for a wide variety of vehicles including: GM, Ford, Toyota, Honda, Nissan, BMW, VW, Mercedes, Volvo, Saab, Renault, Jaguar, etc.
$72.95 $80.95
OWC3010 Pitman Arm Trio Set
Three Pitman arm
pullers to remove most
automotive and light
truck Pitman arms used
on today’s vehicles.
Two sizes included for
compact and full size cars and light trucks.
Large General Purpose Puller Set
Large jaws cover wide range of pulling jobs. 7 ton pull capacity with 7-1/4” to 9-5/8” spread and 5-1/2” to 9-1/2” reach. Two forcing screws with live centers.
$233.95 $274.95
Automotive U-Joint Puller
For disassembling U-joints
in minutes on virtually
all cars, light-duty trucks
and farm machinery.
Manufactured from
high-grade materials for
strength and durability.
Eliminates vice-and-socket
or hammering methods.
Reduces risk of damage to
the drive shaft, yokes, joints or bearing cups.
$169.95 $189.95
9 Piece 1/2”
Drive Extra
Thin Nut
Socket Set
Includes: 17mm,
19mm, 21mm, 3/4”,
13/16”, 7/8”, 15/16”, 1”, 1-1/16”
$109.95 $125.95
3 Piece Stubby Torque Stick Set
Designed to prevent
over tightening
lug nuts with a
torque rating of 80
ft.-lbs. Kit comes
with 3 sizes: 17, 19
and 21mm. Color
coded for easy
identification. Short,
4-3/4” design for
easy use. Plastic coating to help protect wheel finish. Molded case for storage.
$79.95 $87.95
Master Spring Compressor Kit
Removes and installs coil springs quickly and safely. Compress coil springs on all passenger cars and pick-up trucks.
Ball Joint Set
Over 20 adapters to cover the most popular trucks, vans, SUVs and car applications. The OTC designed and produced C-frame tool can be used alone to remove and replace universal joints. Includes: 20+ adapters, C-Frame, and application diagrams in a blow-molded case
$466.95 $518.95
HRC4505 Bushing Driver Set
Remove and install
bushings ranging
from 3/8” to 1-3/8” in
diameter. Includes 3
driver handles and 16
bushing adapters. Comes in a blow-molded case.
$44.95 $49.95
$89.95 $99.95
Inner Tie Rod Master Set
Works on inner
tie rods with
wrench flats.
Includes (9)
crowfeet to
work on many
The long socket slips over the tie rod end and crowfoot engages on socket for easy removal and installation. The inner tie rod can be removed and installed without removing the rack. Kit comes in a molded case for storage.
$139.95 $164.95
Inner Tie Rod Tool
Works on inner tie
rods with inaccessible
wrench flats. Tool
utilizes six crowfeet,
sizes 1-3/16”, 1-1/4”,
1-5/16”, 1-7/16”,
1-1/2” and 33.6mm to engage the wrench flats.
$94.95 $112.15
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