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Digital Battery & Electrical System Analyzer with FREE Battery Post Cleaner
Test 12 volt batteries from 200 to 1200 CCA. Test 12 volt Charging Systems. Measures Cranking volts to test the starting system. Test lead acid, Enhanced Flooded, AGM, AGM Spiral, and Gel Cell batteries charged and discharged down to 1.5 volts (ESC718). Battery Post Cleaner features male and female wire brushes to cleans top posts and terminals. High- quality brush will not twist loose. Protective cover fits both ends for use as handle (ECS501).
$99.95 $126.09
Automotive Digital Multimeter Kit with Rapid AutoRange
Faster and more accurate DC volt testing with NEW Rapid AutoRange. True RMS, RPM, Dwell and 20A range specifically designed for automotive
use. Large LCD is
backlit for easy
viewing. Built-in test lead holsters and rubber overmold for durability. Hybrid compatible – CAT IV 600V and CAT III 1,000V. Bargraph indicates rapid changes in measurements. Includes: CBPDM200 Multimeter, test leads, temp probe and inductive pickup
$189.95 $219.95
True RMS Clamp Meter with Rapid AutoRange
Faster and more accurate
DC volt testing with NEW
Rapid AutoRange. True
RMS and 0-400 amp
range perfect for general automotive troubleshooting. Combines the capability of a digital multimeter
& inductive amp clamp. Large LCD, slim design
and precision thumb dial make usage easy and convenient. Measure alternator output, starter draw, accessory draw, and troubleshoot circuits. Includes: CBPDMA20 Clamp Meter, test leads and temp probe
$199.95 $229.95
3x10 ft. Magnetic Test Lead
3 lead, 10’ long test lead set
with a magnetic back for
mounting on metal surfaces.
Test leads pull out and stay
at desired length and retract
back into own protective
case. 18-gauge wire, 10 amps fully extended, 6 amps when wound.
$24.95 $29.95 CBPDCT4
Coil Cord Circuit Tester
Locate hot circuits and troubleshoot primary circuits on all 6 and 12 volt systems. 12 ft. coil cord test lead made from durable, high-visibility, heat and oil resistant material. Molded strain relief prevents broken wires.
$24.95 $32.95
PWPPTM01AS Power Probe® Maestro
Powerful multimeter functions,
advanced diagnostic modes
and color display. Applies
battery power or ground to the probe tip to energize and activate components. Displays data as a wave form. Built-in flashlight and automatic voltage drop indication. EZ Learning and Guided Diagnostics Modes simplify testing. Measures DC volts, Ohms, AC volts RMS, peak- to-peak, frequency and pulse width. Pair with the Power Probe® Tek App to expand capability.
$359.95 $399.95
54 Piece Automotive Connector Test Lead Kit
Complete test kit
covering 14 different
size terminals, both
flat and round, which
enable connection to
most automotive vehicle connectors, both foreign and domestic. Includes set of 48” stacking banana plug test leads.
$159.95 $198.95
42 Piece Master Terminal Tool Kit
Easily removes terminals from electrical connectors. Eliminates damage to wires or terminal blocks. Tools individually
marked for easy identification on
application chart. Comfortable handles provide easy grip.
$249.95 $294.95
6/12V Battery Charger/Starter with Service Mode
Fully automatic 6 and 12 volt
charging. 55 amp Service Mode
for extended service procedures
and programming. Variable 2-6
amp charge/maintain, 60 amp
boost and 300 amp engine start.
Digital display with push-button
control. 6’ battery cables with
heavy-duty, 300A clamps and
reverse hook-up protection. Compatible with standard, deep-cycle, AGM and GEL batteries. 2-year warranty.
$399.95 $449.95
Touchscreen Battery and Electrical System Diagnostic Tool
Test 6/12V batteries (100 - 3000 CCA), 12/24V cranking/ charging systems and OBDII All System Diagnostics with AutoSCAN. Test Flooded, AGM, AGM Spiral, EFB and GEL Batteries. Uses adaptive conductance technology. Temp compensation, auto battery reset and print test reports. AutoScan and VinScan for quick vehicle identification and battery specifications. Illustrated instruction guides. 5.5" Touchscreen and free Wi-Fi software updates. Read/ Erase trouble codes. Includes Bluetooth® VCI, clamp cables, (4) side post terminals (types S & T), thermal paper roll and wireless tablet tool.
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