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  11 Piece Multi-Purpose Pliers Set
$79.95 $165.00 CPL11S - Blue
 CPL11SG - Neon Green
Includes: 6" Mini Long Nose Pliers, 6" Mini Duck Bill Pliers, 6" Mini Diagonal Cutter, 6" Long Nose Pliers, 6" Diagonal Cutter, 7" Lineman Pliers, 8" Slip Joint Pliers, 10" Tongue & Groove Joint Pliers, 11" Long Nose Pliers, 11" Bent Nose Pliers, 45 degrees and 11" Bent Nose Pliers, 90 degrees and storage bag
  42" Handled Pry Bar
$109.95 $149.92 PBH42C Bent Tip
Polycarbonate slip and oil resistant handle. Specially contoured to fit comfortably in the hand during prolonged
use. Features a contoured striking cap on the end of the handle.
22” to 32” Extendable Pry Bar
$39.95 $47.50 CTGEXPB
Pry bar extends from 22” to 32” for greater versatility. Flat blade for prying on one end, and a line up bar on
    the other end.
4 Piece Lady Foot and Pinch Bar
$189.95 $256.76 PB4ST
Includes: 1/2” x 16” Hex Pinch Bar, 1/2” x 16” Hex Pry Bar, 5/8” x 18” Hex Pry Bar, 3/8” x 8-5/8” Hex Pry Bar
Scraper Combination
$18.95 $21.95 HR52600
7” reach covers all scraping jobs from windows to paint, including long sloping windshields. Storage handle contains (1) plastic and (2) single edged razor blades.
3 Piece Putty Knife Set
$29.95 $34.95 CTG7100
Includes: 1.3” Putty Knife, 2” Putty Knife, 3” Blade
       12 Piece Hook & Pick Set
$69.95 $83.95 CTG12HPS - Blue
CTG12HPSG - Neon Green
Includes: Hook Pick, Complex Pick, 90° Pick, Straight Pick, Combination Pick, 45° Pick w/Flat Tip, Double Angle Pick, Half Circle Pick, Precision Staight Pick, Precision 90° Pick, Precision Offset Pick, Precision Hook Pick
5 Piece Hose Remover Set
$44.95 $52.53 LS80380
Contains long and short, standard and offset hooks.
5 Piece 11” Long Reach Pliers Set
$132.95 $165.95 CPL302
Includes: Long Nose Pliers with cutter, 22° Bent Nose
Pliers, 45° Bent Nose Pliers, 90° Bent Nose Pliers and Duck Bill Pliers
    Hose Clamp
6 Piece File
 $48.95 $53.95 ASHCP949
Allows for removal of plastic and/or metal self-tightening hose clamps with diameters of 11/16” to 2-1/2” (18MM to 54MM).
$31.95 $35.70 AR3810
All file lengths are 6” and are packaged in a plastic pouch. Set comes with a round file, square file, triangle file, flat-square front file, flat-taper front file and half-round file.
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