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                             When you finance a Platinum Roller Cabinet purchase through Tech-Credit, you will receive a free CTBMM300 Cart in your choice of available colors. Carts are shipped from Cornwell to your dealer for delivery. Delivery of the free cart is not from dealer inventory. Color choices are limited to Orange, Neon Green, Red, Blue, and Black. No matte colors or Corporate Blue carts are available at this time.
Cage frame construction and 6” x 2” spring-loaded heavy duty polyurethane crowned casters with a 1,500 lbs. caster rating. Casters maneuver easy and quietly, won’t mark floors. Drawers are supported by 260 lb. capacity ball bearing slides with integrated TLC mechanism. Easy to activate anywhere on the pull. Larger drawers have double bayonet slide sets to ensure optimal performance under load conditions up to 450 lbs. Each drawer features a 4MM thick non-slip liner and a full-length
pull with decorative end caps. Electric power strips, each with five standard outlets (110V type B sockets) and two USB outlets (2.0A), are positioned in
two locations: a drawer with storage capacity for battery powered tools and
a repositionable housing at the back of the cabinet’s work surface. The cabinet’s work surface, vertical trim, and end handle supports match the drawer pulls. A polished electronic lock with built-in cam provide keyless security. Premium paint. Powder-coated inside and out. Durable, protective finish.
$3,495.00 $3,895.00
CTSPLC67CK - Black CTSPLC67KB - Blue
CTSPLC67KG - Neon Green CTSPLC67KMK - Matte Black CTSPLC67KMR - Matte Red CTSPLC67KMS - Matte Silver Gray CTSPLC67KO - Orange
$3,595.00 $3,995.00
CTSPLC84CK - Black CTSPLC84KB - Corporate Blue CTSPLC84KG - Neon Green CTSPLC84KMK - Matte Black CTSPLC84KMR - Matte Red CTSPLC84KMS - Matte Silver Gray CTSPLC84KO - Orange
Double hinged construction allows door to rest in a recessed position when open. Toolboard perforations on interior walls (rear, left, & right) provide mounting locations for organizational accessories and the repositionable outlet strip that is included with the roller cabinet. Comes with an LED light strip
that features a selectable motion detection mode. Additional features include a 30-piece
toolholder set, polished electric lock, matching corner and handle trim, and gas struts for easy door operation.
  6" Round Magnetic Parts Tray
$10.95 $12.95 MPT1
Keep small parts, hardware and small tools close at hand. Heavy- duty rubber covered magnets will not scratch metal. Fully magnetized to hold metal fasteners, etc. Use
in any position - right side
up or upside down.
Stainless steel.
PRO SERIES® 3 Drawer Cart $959.95 $1,149.95
CTBMM300BKE - Black CTBMM300BLE - Blue CTBMM300NGE - Neon Green CTBMM300RDE - Red CTBMM300RGE - Orange
3 drawers. Integrated 120V power strip complete with outlets (3) and USB ports (2). Unit dimensions: 38.50”W x 20.00”D x 33.75”H w/o casters. Overall capacity: 2,956 sq. in./12,436 cu. in. Unit/Shipping Weight: 178/218 lbs.
     5 Drawer Sliding Top Cart
$1,449.95 $1,749.95
5 drawers. Integrated 120V power strip complete with outlets (3) and USB ports (2). Unit dimensions: 35”W x 21.25”D x 45.875”H w/ casters. Overall capacity: 3,928 sq. in./19,576 cu. in. Unit/Shipping Weight: 259/312 lbs.
Drawer Cart
$1,399.95 $1,615.95
CTBMM500BKE - Black CTBMM500BLE - Blue CTBMM500NGE - Neon Green CTBMM500RDE - Red CTBMM500RGE - Orange
5 drawers. Integrated 120V power strip complete with outlets (3) and USB ports
(2). Unit dimensions: 38.50”W x 20.00”D x 37.375”H w/o casters. Overall capacity: 3,350 sq. in./18,003 cu. in. Unit/Shipping Weight: 286/341 lbs.
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