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with a PLATINUMTM Roll Cabinet purchase financed through TECH-CREDIT.
PLATINUMTM 84” 12-Drawer Double Bank Cabinet
$10,195.00 $11,995.00
CTSPLR8412CK - Black/Chrome Trim CTSPLR8412KB - Corporate Blue/Black Trim CTSPLR8412KG - Neon Green/Black Trim CTSPLR8412KMK - Matte Black/Black Trim CTSPLR8412KMR - Matte Red/Black Trim CTSPLR8412KMS - Matte Silver Gray/Black Trim CTSPLR8412KO - Orange/Black Trim
PLATINUMTM 84” 17-Drawer Triple Bank Cabinet
$10,495.00 $12,295.00
CTSPLR8417CK - Black/Chrome Trim CTSPLR8417KB - Corporate Blue/Black Trim CTSPLR8417KG - Neon Green/Black Trim CTSPLR8417KMK - Matte Black/Black Trim CTSPLR8417KMR - Matte Red/Black Trim CTSPLR8417KMS - Matte Silver Gray/Black Trim CTSPLR8417KO - Orange/Black Trim
PLATINUMTM 67” 10-Drawer Double Bank Cabinet
$8,995.00 $10,795.00
CTSPLR6710CK - Black/Chrome Trim CTSPLR6710KB - Corporate Blue/Black Trim CTSPLR6710KG - Neon Green/Black Trim CTSPLR6710KMK - Matte Black/Black Trim CTSPLR6710KMR - Matte Red/Black Trim CTSPLR6710KMS - Matte Silver Gray/Black Trim CTSPLR6710KO - Orange/Black Trim
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