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 1/2" bluePOWER® Right Angle Gearless Impact Wrench $299.95 CAT5150
Powerful jumbo
hammer design
provides 425
ft-lbs. of Breakaway Torque. Compact
head measures only
3.5” front to back providing access to
tight areas. Easy to control with a built-in three speed regulator collar and tip valve throttle. Rotating exhaust collar allows for easy routing of exhaust air.
  3/8" Heavy Duty Impact Wrench $302.95 IRC2115
Maximum Torque (Forward/Reverse): 250/300 ft.-lbs.
1/2” Premium Ultra Compact Impact Wrench
$236.95 IRC5500
Breakaway Torque: 625 ft.-lbs., Maximum Torque (Forward/ Reverse): 360/450 ft.-lbs.
1/2” bluePOWER® Stubby Impact
3/4” Premium
Quiet Impact
$669.95 IRC7500Q
Max. Torque (Forward/ Reverse): 1,100/1,350 ft.-lbs.
 3/4” bluePOWER® Super Duty
 Impact Wrench
 $479.95 $579.95 CAT3125 - Blue
CAT3125G - Neon Green
Breakaway Torque: 1,800 ft.-lbs., Maximum Applied Torque: 1,200 ft.- lbs.
$199.95 $232.95 CAT2138 - Blue
CAT2138G - Green
Breakaway Torque: 550 ft.-lbs., Max. Torque: 350 ft.-lbs.
1/2” bluePOWER® Super Duty
 $199.95 $224.95 CAT4112 - Blue
CAT4112G - Neon Green
Breakaway Torque: 600 ft.- lbs., Max. Torque: 450 ft.-lbs.
1/4" Mini Air
 3/8" bluePOWER® Stubby Impact
CAT1000MRR - Blue CAT1000MRRG - Neon Green
Maximum Torque: 25 ft.-lbs.
3/8” Super Duty Air Ratchet
CAT6000SD - Blue CAT6000SDG - Neon Green
Maximum Torque: 110 ft.-lbs.
Pistol Grip Needle Scaler
$109.95 CAT190
Ideal for surface prep work such as cleaning/removing rust, paint, weld slag, dirt. Equipped with 19 hardened needles for long life. Aluminum housing provides excellent durability while reducing weight.
      Impact Wrench
        3/8” bluePOWER® Super Duty
$249.95 $302.95 CAT4150 - Blue
CAT4150G - Neon Green
Breakaway Torque: 1,200 ft.- lbs., Max. Applied Torque: 800 ft.-lbs.
1/2” Premium Quiet Impact Wrench
$374.95 IRC9000Q
Nut-Busting Torque: 1,350 ft.- lbs., Maximum Torque (Forward/ Reverse): 870/900 ft.-lbs.
Impact Wrench
$199.95 $272.95 CAT2150 - Blue
CAT2150G - Neon Green
Breakaway Torque: 600 ft.-lbs., Max. Torque: 370 ft.-lbs.
NOTE: All items shown in this flyer are limited in quantities and subject to availability. Please also note that the printed color may differ from the actual color due to variations in the printing process. Cornwell®, the Ironman Logo, The Choice of Professionals® and bluePOWER® are registered trademarks of the Cornwell® Quality Tools Company.

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