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5 Piece Body Forming Punch Set $131.95 $162.72 TE89360
These punches fit where your hammer will not. Great for tight clearance spots, crevices and corners. The punch surfaces are polished and hardened to form sheet metal with precision in hard-to-reach areas. For use on: Door panels, high crown panels, interior parts of body panels, fenders, rear quarter panels, trunk lids and frames. Comes with 5 of the most popular profiles and shapes to fit the job.
7 Piece Body Tool Set $289.95 $328.61 FA7BTS
Includes: Cross chisel curved hammer, shrinking hammer, utility pick hammer, light dinging spoon, toe dolly block, heel dolly block, general purpose dolly block
6 Piece Dura-Block® Set
$69.95 $77.95 TAAF44L
The perfect sanding tool. A favorite among the professionals when blocking all surfaces. Durable, high intensity EVA foam. Follows contours or flat panels on any car.
Comes with one bar of soap with built-in scrubber.
        3/16” Orbital Sander
$192.95 CAT3160 Free Speed: 12,000 RPM
11 Piece Trim Tool Kit
$30.95 HRC6642
Includes 11 specialty tools designed to remove trim strips, panels, wheel caps, bezels, liners, shrouds, fascia, etc. Constructed of durable, impact-resistant nylon that will not damage non-metal interior trim surfaces. Cloth pouch rests flat on a dashboard or fender for easy access to tools and then folds up with tools inside for storage.
3/32” Orbital Sander 6”
$184.95 CAT3320 Free Speed: 12,000 RPM
4 Piece Door Panel & Trim Tool Set
$56.95 VMDT1CQ
Used to remove door
panels, trim, tacks
and staples. All
items are stainless
steel, heat treated
and polished with
double dipped
handles. Double
dipped handles
provide grip to
prevent slipping. Heavy-duty. Packaged in a convenient roll up pouch. Includes: Double Bend "U" Notch Door Panel Clip Tool ,"U" Notch Pry Tool, "V" Notch Trim & Tack Tool and Large Radius Trim Pry Tool
     Panel Tree
$379.95 $400.00 SM35900
An adjustable stand that takes the frustration out of painting panels, hoods, and doors. Panels load easily and quickly. Center post design allows access to edge, bottom and both sides of the panel. Paint panels, jambs, and car all at one time. Save hours of dry time. Hold one or two panels securely. A total of six adjustable arms (three straight and three offset) to fit any size panel. Casters for easy mobility. Wide base for stability.
Work Stand Extender
$28.95 AS5571
Extension tailored for long or wide bumpers, hoods and fenders that would normally be difficult to balance on a work stand. 3 way adjustable from 77.5” to 80” in length. Works on any tube design work stand. Bungee cord loop for tying down work pieces. Works on stand height settings of 30”-36” (or affixed with 5-6 chain lengths). Center hook separation distance: 24.5”-26.5”. Maximum weight capacity: 200 lbs.

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