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XPBPRWFCST bluePOWER® Standard Length Flex Ratcheting Wrenches
Buy the 12 piece Metric Flex Combination Ratcheting Wrench set (BPRW12MFST) get FREE the
8 piece SAE Flex Combination Ratcheting Wrench set (BPRW8FST). Metric Sizes: 8mm to 19mm; SAE Sizes: 5/16", 3/8", 7/16", 1/2", 9/16", 5/8", 11/16" & 3/4"
$299.95 $509.90
11 Piece 3/8" Drive bluePOWER® Magnetic Spark Plug Socket Set
Sockets: 9/16", 5/8", 13/16", 14mm, 16mm. Universal sockets: 9/16", 5/8", 13/16". Extra deep sockets: 9/16", 5/8" (all 6 Point). Thin wall socket: 14mm (12 Point)
$154.97 $189.95
XPBPRWFCSST bluePOWER® Stubby Flex Ratcheting Wrenches
Buy the 12 piece Stubby Metric Flex Combination Ratcheting Wrench set (BPRW12MFSST) get FREE the 8 piece Stubby SAE Flex Combination Ratcheting Wrench set (BPRW8FSST). Metric sizes: 8mm to 19mm; SAE sizes: 5/16", 3/8", 7/16", 1/2", 9/16", 5/8", 11/16", 3/4"
$299.95 $509.90
29 Piece bluePOWER® Triple Cut Drill Bit Set
Triple Cut tip design allows for faster starts, prevents walking, and stays sharp longer. Made of M-2
high speed steel for strength, heat and wear resistance. Three-flat shank design on sizes 3/16" thru 1/2" prevents slipping
in drill chuck. 3/8" reduced shank on sizes 25/64" thru 1/2". Sizes: 1/16" thru 1/2" in 1/64" increments.
$149.95 $189.95
ULTRA Diagnostic Tablet, MaxiFlash VCMI and MaxiTPMS® Tool Bundle
MS ULTRA OBDII diagnostic system with 12.9’’ touchscreen, docking station, J2534 VCI and 4-channel oscilloscope. Split screen display and topology module mapping. Features bi-directional controls, advanced coding, and service
MaxiSys® Scan Tool with TPMS
Complete TPMS, advanced service functions and enhanced scan tool with bi-directional controls. Full capabilities for codes, live data, active tests, ECU information, adaptation, matching, coding etc. Activate all known TPMS sensors, check TPMS system health condition, program Autel MX-sensors and conduct TPMS relearn. Relearn parking brake, reset steering angle sensor (SAS), forced regen, battery reset and IMMO functions. Read/ clear codes for all available ECUs, display live and view all 10 OBD modes, including enhanced Mode 6. Features 8.0” LED- backlit capacitive display.
Ball Joint Super Set
$296.95 $362.25
  resets. OE-level coverage for Asian, Domestic and European vehicles. Authorized FCA SGM access with AutoAuth account. Enhanced diagnostic PreSCAN & PostSCAN reports. Includes docking station, OBDII cable, MaxiFlash VCMI with oscilloscope, scope leads, carry case & 1-year warranty/ software subscription. TS508K4 TPMS tool with 2.3” color display. Read/activate/relearn all known OEM sensors and program Autel MX-sensors. Includes (4) MX-1 sensors, (1) metal valve kit, OBDII cable, and free software updates.
This set allows for the removal and installation of press-fit ball joints on many light-duty trucks, vans and SUVs. C-frame tool can be used alone to remove and replace universal joints. Comes complete in a durable case.

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