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 MH29910 Universal Inner Tie Rod Tool
Used to remove and
mount inner tie rods on vehicles. Fits 35-45mm tie rods with no additional interchangeable adapters. For use on round, hexagonal, and octagonal tie rods. Extended shaft and narrow profile allows for use in hard-to-reach and confined spaces. Overall length: 16-1/2”
$188.95 $227.95
GM Torsion Bar Tool
For relieving tension
from the torsion bar arm
to remove the torsion
bar. Utilizes a larger
C-frame design to increase application range for more vehicles. Applications: 1988 and up GMC and Chevrolet 1/2 ton, 3/4 ton and 1-ton trucks. 2011 and up GM HD trucks, S-10 Blazers, S-15 Jimmys and 4WD trucks
with 4.3L engines. GM K-3500 series with HD chassis, including GM 5-lug, 6-lug and 8-lug vehicles. Includes an adapter for using tool on non-GM applications.
$99.95 $115.00
Pickle Fork Kit
For separating ball joints,
tie rods, Pitman arms and
other uses. Kit consists
of three forks and two
handles; one for hammering, the other for use with an air hammer (.401” shank).
$59.95 $68.70
Power Steering Pump Remover/ Installer Kit
Remove/install power steering
pump pulleys in Chrysler,
Ford, and GM vehicles with
Saginaw, Thompson, and Ford
C111 and C2 power steering
pumps. Fits 1-1/8”, 1-1/4”,
1-5/16” and 1-3/8” pulley hub diameters.
$64.95 $76.95 OWC4534
Multipurpose Bearing & Pulley Puller Set
Set includes drop-forged components, which can be used in a variety of combinations. Spread: 3” to 5”, Reach: 1” to 2-1/4”
$194.95 $214.95
Vacuum/Pressure Pump Kit
Pump produces
vacuum along
with pressure
for a variety of
vehicle service
brake bleeding,
fluid transfer, evacuation, sampling, windshield repair and more.
$99.95 $113.10
Blind Hole Bearing Puller Set
Designed for removing
recessed bearings.
Set includes a 2-1/2”
lb. slide hammer with
T-Handle and four
collets, for a wide
range of applications.
Ideal for removing pilot
bearings. Collet sizes: 3/8” to 1/2” (10mm - 14mm), 9/16” to 11/16” (15mm - 19mm), 5/8” to 1” (18mm - 25mm), and 1” to 1-1/4” (25mm - 32mm).
$179.95 $209.95
Bearing Separator/5 Ton Bar Type Push Puller Set
Includes 2 popular
bearing splitters (2”
and 3”), 4 sets of hex
push-puller legs and
a bar-type puller head
with a 9/16” diameter
forcing screw. 5”
puller cross-bar with
a 6-1/4” forcing screw
or each of the bearing
separators may be
used separately or in combination with other pullers.
$109.95 $123.62
FWD Wheel Bearing
Adapter Kit
For use on front
wheel drive cars
and light trucks.
The wheel bearing
adapters allow the
user to replace the
wheel bearings with
the steering knuckle
and strut assembly intact on the vehicle.
$151.95 $201.95
Medium (1.25" to 1.7" bearing caps)
CTGFPKIT 3 Piece Forked Adjustable Pry Bar Kit
Includes: 1", 2"
and 3/4" forked adjustable pry bars. Hex Shank: 5/8". Overall length: 24"
$134.95 $157.95
       U-Joint Puller
Small (1" to 1.25" bearing caps) $78.95 $87.95
  $107.95 $120.95 Large ( 1.5" to 2.2" bearing caps) $197.95 $219.95
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Quickly and easily removes sealed U-Joint caps without damage to drive shafts, yokes or bearing caps. Heat-treated threads and casting for durability.
LS12980 Bearing Race and Seal Driver Master Set
Insert wheel bearing
race and seals without
damage to race and axle
housing. Includes handle
and nine driver sizes
(Range: 1.565” to 3.180”) to fit most standard wheel bearings in a plastic blow-molded case.
$89.95 $111.05
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