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Premium Automotive True RMS Digital Multimeter Kit with Dual Impedance
Heavy-Duty Circuit Tester
Checks 6 and 12 volt systems. Heavy- duty grounding clip with insulating boot. Five feet of tough flexible rubber wire retained in spring supported strain relief. Lead wire permanently attached. Clear plastic handle makes bulb highly visible.
$11.95 $14.95
Self Adjusting Wire
Self-adjusts to most 10-26 gauge solid or stranded wire.
$20.95 $26.50
4-in-1 Crimper Tool Set
Compact 7” design can be used
four ways: Gripping nose - to pull,
twist, bend, and shape; Crimper
- crimps 12-20 AWG insulated
and non-insulated wire; Stripper
- strips 12-20 AWG wire; Cutter -
ability to make cuts below pivot.
Angled feature allows access to
close quarters and facilitates superior crimps.
$59.95 $66.95
12V Battery & Charging/Starting System Tester
Tests all 12V Lead Acid
Batteries, including AGM and
Gel. 100 to 1,700 CCA. Bright,
color LCD with easy-to-read
graphical display. Displays %
of battery capacity with color-
coded bar graph. Detects bad
cells and surface charge. 5.5V to 33V operating range. 12V starter test with cranking voltage. 12V charging test with load and ripple test. Made in USA. 2-year warranty.
6/12V Professional Battery Charger and Engine Starter
Fully automatic 6 and 12 volt
charging. Variable 2-6 amp charge/
maintain, 60 amp boost and 300
amp engine start. Digital display
with push-button control. 6’ battery
cables with heavy-duty, 300A clamps
and reverse hook-up protection.
Compatible with standard, deep-
cycle, AGM and GEL batteries. 2-Year warranty.
$339.95 $379.95
Power Probe® 3
Supplies battery voltage or ground to activate components. Also tests voltage, polarity and continuity. Red/Green polarity indicators and audible tone. Two LED headlights light up your work area. Test components, wiring, trailer lights and more. Includes 20 ft. lead and battery clip-set.
$129.95 $142.95
  Faster and more
accurate DC volt
testing with NEW Rapid
AutoRange. Dual-
impedance can test
computer circuits and
eliminate ghost voltage
(LoZ). Ultra-fast screen
refresh rate provides superior accuracy. Milliseconds pulse width for measuring fuel injector and actuator on-time. VFD low pass filter for accurate Volts/Hz on variable frequency drives. Hybrid compatible – CAT IV 600V and CAT III 1,000V. MIN /MAX Function captures low and high readings. TrueRMS, RPM, Dwell and 20A range specifically designed for automotive use. Large, backlit LCD with 40 segment bargraph. Includes: CBPDM300 Multimeter, test leads, temp probe and inductive pickup.
Power Probe® IV
Provides the ability to supply battery ground and power and 9 diagnostic testing modes to provide automotive technicians with detailed information on the circuits and signals being tested.
$249.95 $299.95
1000 Amp True RMS Clamp Meter with Rapid AutoRange
Faster and more accurate
DC volt testing with NEW
rapid AutoRange. True
RMS and 0-1000 amp
range ideal for automotive,
truck and HD testing,
including starter current
draw. Backlit 6,000 count
LCD with 60 segment
analog bar graph provide detailed measurement and reading fluctuations. Min/Max and relative change functions test for voltage spikes and drops. Measure alternator output, starter draw, accessory draw, and troubleshoot circuits. Includes: CBPDMA30 Clamp Meter, test leads and temp probe
$249.95 $279.95
$279.95 $309.95
Amp Alert
Instant parasitic drain
finder. No need to remov
fuse from the fuse box.
Simply touch probes to
the top of the fuse and
tool gives off a distinct audible tone when parasitic drain (current) is detected. Avoid blown multi-meter fuses. Resolution down to 5 milliamps.
$44.95 $59.95
Test Lead Kit
Comes with roll up storage pouch to keep your leads organized. Includes: 43” long 4mm banana test leads,
test probes, long back
probes, safety test
probes, crocodile clips, 4mm female to 4mm female adapter, 4mm male to 4mm female adapter, 4mm plug to small gator clip and 4mm female plug
$109.95 $140.75 RB1176
7 Piece Retractable Test Lead Set
adapters work
interchangeably with
banana plugs on the
2 x 15 ft. retractable
test leads. Used for
testing electrical
circuits in cars, trailers, boats, etc. Use with any multimeter, or other device, equipped with standard banana jack connectors.
$49.95 $59.95
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