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CTG1009S - Blue CTG1009SG - Neon Gr
Use to remove radiator hoses, cotter pins, and to retrieve small parts. Can also be used on body clips, o-rings and washers, moldings and windshield seals.
$26.95 $31.95
Extended Clip Release Tool
4 Piece Upholstery Tool Set
CTG1010S - Blue CTG1010SG - Neon Green
Complete set ideal for removing door panel fasteners, even in tight spaces. Bi-material handle provides comfortable, non-slip grip. Full polish, chrome plated shanks
for long lasting corrosion resistance. Packaged
in plastic tray for easy storage.
Retainer Clip Release Tool
Remove fender flares and rocker moldings without breaking any clips. Slides between molding and panel to access expansion ears and release clip from the outside. Spring steel design provides flexibility to reach tight areas and strength to release clip. The wide opening allows the tool to release all types of retainer clips. Overall Length: 10”
$21.95 $25.00
      2 Piece Big Hook Set
4 Piece Body Tool Set
Includes: Cross Chisel Curved Hammer, General Purpose Pick Hammer, Light Dinging Spoon, Toe Dolly Block
$159.95 $212.95
   Save time and energy accessing door
panel clips when removing a door panel. Made in the USA, the tool is 18” long which allows bi-directional
6 Piece Dura-Block® Set
access to grip under the clips that sit deep in the door panel. Using beveled end with large 6” handle allows you to twist and raise the interior door panel clips. Beveled end also provides the ability to release Ford truck bed rail plastic caps by using the same twisting motion, saving replacement rail cap costs.
$39.95 $45.00
3 Piece Pick Set
Includes: 12” Short Curved Pick, 18” Medium Short Curved Pick, 16” Light Chisel Bit Pick
Twelve Pound Knocker Set
 The perfect sanding tool. A favorite among the professionals when blocking all surfaces. Durable, high intensity EVA foam. Follows contours or flat panels on any car. Comes with one bar of soap with built-in scrubber.
$76.95 $86.95
Dent puller set with a square slidehammer and solid 5/8” high carbon steel slide shaft. All attachments are heat treated and plated.
$219.95 $264.12
SAVE OVER $44.00
   $55.95 $79.95
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