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45 Piece Deluxe Die Grinder Kit
Ideal for hard to reach areas. Cushion grip for comfort. Adjustable air regulator at the tool inlet. Built-in lock lever to prevent accidental start ups.
4" In-Line Cut Off Tool
3/8” Reversible Air Drill
Free Speed: 1,800 RPM
1/2” Reversible Air Drill
Free Speed: 400 RPM
3/8” Right Angle Reversible Air Drill Free Speed: 1,600 RPM
Blue Blaster Kit
Includes: Blue Blaster, eraser wheel, paint stripping pad, fine wire wheel, coarse wire wheel, and fine bent tip wire wheel in a blow-molded case
7” Electric Variable Speed Sander/
Powerful 10 amp
motor. Wire mesh
vent covers to
keep wool fibers
out of the motor.
Variable speed:
0-3000 RPM. Soft
start feature for
smooth start ups. Rubber tool rest for upside down placement. Comes with loop and post handles along with a heavy-duty nylon tote bag.
13 Piece
Hole Saw Kit
Bi-material design features
high speed steel cutting
edge welded to steel body.
Complete follow through
saws. Knock out slots for
easy core removal. Cut depth:
1-1/2”. Variable tooth design (4-6 teeth per inch).
$149.95 $188.95
5 Piece Blow Gun Kit
Lightweight, easy to control blow gun made from high-impact plastic. Rubber tips to seal and clean cavities or bored holes. Extended trigger length on blow gun for variable throttle control. Includes: 4-1/2" blow gun (CATBGK1), star tip (complies with OSHA to limit output to 30 PSI) (CATBGK2), 1/2" rubber tip (CATBGK3), 1" rubber tip (CATBGK4), 1-3/8" rubber tip (CATBGK5)
$39.50 $55.95
     In-line design provides
greater control for
straighter cuts. Powerful
0.8HP motor. 17,000 RPM
free speed. Adjustable disc
guard requires no tools to rotate. Lightweight (1.9 lbs.) glass filled nylon composite housing.
3” bluePOWER® Flex Head
Reversible Cut-Off Tool
3 position flex
head: straight,
25° upward and
25° downward.
Directional control
to reverse wheel rotation. Keyless, 360° adjustable rotating guard to direct sparks and debris away. 0.8HP direct-drive motor.
$199.95 $219.95 CAT820
3" Rear Exhaust Cut-Off Tool
Free Speed: 22,000 RPM
3" Reversible Angled Cut-Off Tool
design allows for
directing sparks
away from
work. 0.7HP
motor. Right angle head provides improved access and control. Superior speed control with a variable speed throttle and high/low regulator dial. Low noise muffler design is 360° rotatable.
CAT450AS Air Saw Strokes per Minut
13 Piece Tip Drill Set
Perfect for cleaning carburetor jets, injectors, torch tips and service of gas and liquid jets. 1-7/8" long precision drill bits
in index. Drill Numbers: 52, 54,
56, 58, 60, 62, 64, 66, 68, 70, 72, 74
$17.95 $22.95
1/4” NPT Blue Anodized
Swivel Fitting
Connects portable air tools to an air line. Swivels 360° at two pivot points.
Silver Button Pneumatic Coupler 1/4” Female
Fully automatic, easy one handed connection/ disconnection. Nitrile seals prevent scratching of finished surfaces. “Thru O-ring” design reduces leaks.
$27.95 $31.51
Red Button Pneumatic Coupler 1/4” Female
Fully automatic, easy one handed connection/ disconnection.Nitrile seals prevent scratching of finished surfaces. “Thru O-ring” design reduces leaks.
$28.95 $32.95
                     e: 10,000
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