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 MaxiSys® Scan Tool w/TPMS
$2,049.95 AUTMS906TS
Complete TPMS, advanced service functions and enhanced scan tool with bi-directional controls. Full capabilities for codes, live data, active tests, ECU information, adaptation, matching, coding etc. Activate
all known TPMS sensors, check TPMS system health condition, program Autel MX-sensors and conduct TPMS relearn. Relearn parking brake, reset steering angle sensor (SAS), forced regen, battery reset and IMMO functions. Read/clear codes for all available ECUs, display live and view all 10 OBD modes, including enhanced Mode 6. Features 8.0” LED-backlit capacitive display.
 AndroidTM Tablet Heavy Duty
$4,995.00 $5,495.00
Heavy-duty Truck, Agricultural and Industrial coverage on a 10.1" AndroidTM IP65 tablet. Communicates wirelessly to the truck and covers
  a wide variety of brakes, engines, transmissions, industrial, medium-duty and heavy-duty applications. OE-level calibrations, adjustments, and bi-directional controls. Includes 2 years of free software updates.
TrueRMS Automotive Multimeter
$259.95 $359.95 CBPDM25
RPM, Dwell, and Pulse Width tests
make this meter uniquely suited
for the automotive technician.
Large LCD is backlit for ease of use.
Bargraph indicates rapid changes in measurements. Packaged in a blow-molded case.
   HD Code II
Now with DPF Regen! Class 4-8 HD
truck coverage for J1587, J1708
& J1939 Protocols, including CAT
Power Equipment, CAT Construction
and CAT Industrial. Access engine,
transmission & brakes. Capabilities
for Caterpillar, International, Hino,
Isuzu & Hybrid HD trucks. Read/clear codes, capture screenshots and view/graph live data. Also works on 1996 and newer OBDII vehicles. Supports CAN, mode 6 & all other current OBDII protocols.
   MaxiVideoTM Digital Inspection Camera
$199.95 $224.95 AUTMV40055 3.5" Screen
5.5MM Video Head and 3.5” high resolution full color LCD display. Rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery.
 1000A True RMS Clamp Meter with Rapid AutoRange
$239.95 $289.95
  Faster and more
accurate DC volt
testing with NEW
rapid AutoRange.
True RMS and 0-1000
amp range ideal for
automotive, truck
and HD testing,
including starter
current draw. Backlit
6,000 count LCD with
60 segment analog
bar graph provide detailed measurement and reading fluctuations. Min/Max and relative change functions test for voltage spikes and drops. Measure alternator output, starter draw, accessory draw, and troubleshoot circuits. Includes: CBPDMA30 Clamp Meter, test leads and temp probe
 7-1/2" Wire Rope Cutter
$76.95 KXCWRP
Two crimping dies
for end caps on
Bowden cable sheaths, with end ferrules for wire rope. Slim design and internal opening spring. Bolted joint for precise blade guidance, re-adjustable. High leverage for reduced effort. Cutting-edge hardness approximately 64 HRC. Chrome vanadium heavy-duty steel, forged, manifold oil-hardened.
     Wireless ChassisEARTM
$299.95 $362.92 JS60635
Detects the source of squeaks, rattles and other noises throughout vehicle chassis. Wireless 50' range from the transmitter to receiver. LED lights indicate signal strength of the active channel. Listen to noises with the built-in speaker or with headphones through the 3.5MM jack. Isolate noisy bearings, pulleys, suspension components, faulty injectors and more. Kit includes 4 clamp-on transmitters which allows the technician to perform multiple point tests.
   True RMS Digital Multimeter Kit
$99.95 $109.95 CBPDM100
Faster and more accurate DC volt testing with NEW Rapid AutoRange. True RMS, AC/DC Volts, CAP, Frequency, Duty Cycle, Temp and 10A range. Large LCD, built-in test lead holsters and rubber overmold for durability. Includes: CBPDM100 Multimeter, test leads and temp probe
   Amp Alert
$44.95 $59.95 HR69
Instant parasitic drain finder. No need to remove fuse from the fuse box. Simply touch probes to the top of the fuse and tool gives off a distinct audible tone when parasitic drain (current) is detected. Avoid blown multi-meter fuses. Resolution down to 5 milliamps.
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