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Dollies, Spoons & Clamps // METAL WORKING
Spoon Dolly
Long handle permits
many uses in places otherwise inaccessible. Can be driven between reinforcements and outer panel, then used to pry outward as the metal is dinged. Excellent forming and caulking tool for the deep pockets of doors, quarter-panels, rear fenders and lower trunk panels. Length: 13-3/4", Head Size: 2-1/2 x 1" x 3". Weight: 4.2 lbs.
Light Dinging Spoon
To ding ridges smooth and
level. When held against
ridge and struck with
hammer, spreads blow over large area making it a smooth job and preventing damage to metal or finish. Not made for prying. Overall length: 10”, Face: 2” x 4-5/16”, Weight: 0.50 lbs.
3 Piece Pick Set
These high-quality body picks include curved, pointed and chisel head designs. Achieve the twisting and prying action you need for any auto body
Pull Rod Set
Super tough alloy steel is precisely heat treated for maximum strength. Plastic handle is comfortable to use. Use two at a time for pulling. Instruction sheet included.
4 SM20001
2 SM20002
1 SM20003
1 SM20004
EZPullTM Pliers
Pull Rods w/ Formed Shank Pick Pulls w/ Straight Shark Stainless Steel Straight Edge HS Split Point Drill Bit
FA1110 FA1111 FA1112
12" Short Curved Pick
18" Medium Short Curved Pick 16" Light Chisel Bit Pick
Grip and pull multiple pull pins
(studs) as well as vertical and
horizontal flanges. 3.5” jaw
provides evenly distributed pulling force while pulling multiple pull pins or flanges. Two large pulling rings for light pulling (up to 2,000 lbs.). Top 3” ring for pulling multiple pull pins and horizontal flanges. Bottom 1-1/2” ring for pulling vertical flanges. Wide serrated jaw for gripping.
8" Locking Sheet Metal Tool
Makes bending, forming and crimping sheet metal jobs easier. Jaw Capacity: 3-1/8” (78mm). Length: 8” (200mm)
Locking Panel Clamp
Provides quick clamping and alignment of auto body panels. Jaw Capacity: 2-3/4" (70mm). Length: 9" (225mm)
Locking Welding Clamp
U-shaped jaw provides enhanced visibility and more working space. Jaw Capacity: 2-3/4" (70mm). Length: 9" (225mm)
          Seam Buster
Easily separate spot welded or bonded panels. For quarter panels, rockers and any other pinchweld. Sharpened on two edges. Cushioned handle absorbs shock.
   SM20015 |
SM20016 |
Straight Seam Buster Right Angle Seam Buster
Use each tool properly. See page 688 for safety warnings. 575

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