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Universal Disc Brake Caliper Tool
For rotating brake pistons back into the caliper to provide clearance for new pads. Includes
five adapters for
use in both 2 and
4-wheel rear disc brake assemblies of most domestic and import cars. Tool may be used on or off car. Helps prevent damage to the piston and boot. Use with a ratchet and 3/8” drive extension. NOTE: Some pistons turn clockwise while others turn counter-clockwise; Consult your shop manual for the car you are servicing. For the counterclockwise rotation the 1” Hex Nut must be turned at a faster rate of rotation in order to keep the adapter engaged with the piston.
Quick Quad Piston
Squeeze the handle and the fast
acting plunger to compress disc
brake pistons in seconds. Quick
quad pad spreader simultaneously
compresses all pistons on four piston
brake calipers. Can be used while
four piston caliper is still attached to
the vehicle hub. Works on single, double, quad and six piston applications. Makes brake pad replacement a quick and easy job.
Quick Disc Brake Pad Tool
Compresses disc brake pistons in seconds. Can be used while four piston caliper is still attached to the vehicle hub.
Disc Brake Pad Spreader
Fits between the two new
pads being installed and
expands to retract the piston. Frees hand to start the caliper over the rotor. Works on all standard and four-piston caliper disc brakes.
Disc Pad Spreader
For installing pads on most domestic and import cars and light trucks. Makes changing pads an easy job. Tool compresses disc brake piston for easy pad installation.
Disc Brake Piston Tool
Rotates piston in the caliper when replacing pads. Fits domestic and some import applications. Use on vehicles with four wheel disc brakes. Use with 3/8” drive ratchet and extension.
LS25080 LS25110 LS25130 LS25150 LS25170 LS25470
1-1/2" Brake Adapter 1-5/8" Brake Adapter 1-7/8" Adapter 2-1/8" Adapter 2-1/2" Adapter Screw & Body
                Brake Caliper Turn Back Tool Set
Adjustable 2 & 3 pin piston
wind-back tool. Replaces larger
kits containing up to 20 parts.
Rotates brake pistons back into
the caliper on vehicles with self
adjusting parking brakes. Fits most domestic and import vehicles.
HR725 HR726
Dual Piston Brake Pad Spreader
Brake Caliper Turn Back Tool, 2 Pin Brake Caliper Turn Back Tool, 3 Pin
         Compresses dual brake pistons simultaneously. Squeeze the tool handle until the plunger contacts the inboard brake pad. Continue squeezing to compress both pistons. Makes dual piston pad replacement a simple job.
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