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Drains & Funnels // FLUID HANDLING
6 Quart Oil Dispenser
Translucent polyethylene material enables the user to read the liquid level on the container. Marked with both quarts and liters. Flexible, removable 8” pouring spout enables easy transfer of liquid.
8 Quart Oil Dispenser
Large size for trucks, SUVs and other engines with greater oil capacity. Many large SUVs and trucks now require
more than 6 quarts of oil. Translucent polyethylene material enables the user to read the oil level on the container up to 8 quarts. Marked in both quarts and liters. Flexible, removable 8” pouring spout. Lid may not fit older 8 quart dispensers.
Swivel-GripperTM “No-Slip” Filter Wrenches
Tough, stainless steel band
with permanently bonded
textured coating for superior
gripping power. Handle swivels more
than 180° with adjustable tension. Tension
adjusting nut allows swivel pressure to be regulated, no more floppy filter wrenches.
No Spatter Pads
Protects floors and work area from messy oil splatter. Insert 15” diameter pad in funnel or oil pan or insert 22” pad in transmission drain funnels or larger oil drain pans before oil change to eliminate splatter. Porous material allows fluid to quickly pass through into funnel or pan. Pad material resists engine oil, transmission fluid, coolant, brake fluid, brake cleaner, gear oil and other solvents. 15” pad fits all standard oil lift drain funnels and oil pans. 22” square pad fits all standard transmission drain funnels and larger size drain pans. Pad can be trimmed for perfect fit. IMPORTANT: Not for coolants or fluids that will be recycled in the vehicle. Material fibers may contaminate the fluid.
LS38750 | 15" Circle Pad LS38780 | 22" Sqaure Pad
Filter Wrenches // OIL & LUBE
        “Swivel Grip” Oil
Filter Wrenches
Features swivel handle, gripper “teeth”, and 1” wide stainless steel band. Vinyl covered handle swivels to clear obstructions.
   PART #
  PART #
  LS57010 Extra Small
LS57020 Small
LS57030 Standard
LS57040 Large
2.375” - 2.625” (60.3 - 66.7mm)
2.875” - 3.25” (73 - 82.5mm)
3.5” - 3.875” (88.9 - 98.4mm)
4.125” - 4.5” (104.7 - 114.3mm)
For small oil & fuel filters. Special narrow 1/2” band fits in tight spots
Fits a common smaller filter size found on many domestic & foreign vehicles
Fits most popular 3.625” standard filters
Fits most tractors & other farm implement products
LS53200 -
LS53250 Large
LS53500 Standard
LS53700 Small
LS54200 Diesel Engines
LS54300 CAT Engines
4-3/4” to 5-3/16” (120.7 - 131.8mm)
4-1/8” to 4-1/2” (104.7 - 114.3mm)
3-1/2” to 3-7/8” (88.9 - 98.4mm)
2-7/8” to 3-1/4” (73 - 82.5mm)
4-5/16” to 4-3/4” (109.5 - 120.7mm)
5-1/4" to 5-3/4" (133.5 - 146mm)
Works on John Deere
Fits most Mack Trucks, Ford Caterpillar, Case & Allis Chalmers tractors
Fits standard 3-5/8” filters
Fits late model GM & other models using small 3” filters
Works on Cummins & Detroit Diesel engines
Works on Caterpillar engines
         Use each tool properly. See page 688 for safety warnings. 517

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