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Fluid Evacuator
Vacuum is created quickly and efficiently
by manual pump operation, offering
superior mobility by eliminating the need
for electricity or compressed air. Ideal for
draining fluids from reservoirs on boats,
RVs, ATVs, snowmobiles, farm equipment
or motorcycles. Includes accessories
for draining engine oil or transmission
fluid directly through the dipstick tubes.
Convenient manual pump operation.
Integrated 1.9 gallon (7.3 liter) capacity
reservoir. Large base with foot stabilizer.
Durable, chemical-resistant polyethylene construction. Automatic overflow prevention. Quick-drain pour spout. Maximum operating temperature: 175°F (80°C). Dimensions: 25”H x 7.5” Diameter. Includes: fluid evacuator, 0.23” OD x 5’ long dipstick tube, 0.26” OD x 5’ long dipstick tube, 0.41” OD x 5’ long main evacuation tube, tube adapters, multilingual user manual.
Fluid Evacuator Plus
At the push
of a button,
this versatile
unit changes
from vacuum
to pressure for
evacuating or
dispensing fluids,
making it ideal for
draining tanks or
reservoirs then
pumping the used fluid back out for easy disposal.
NEMV7300 PneumatiVacTM Air- Operated Fluid Evacuato
Operates on compressed air to create a powerful venturi vacuum for draining
fluids from tanks
and reservoirs.
Includes fluid
evacuator, two
dipstick tubes,
main evacuation
tube, brake/clutch bleeding adapter kit, tube adapters, and multilingual instruction manual.
NEMVA6851 Fluid Extractor
Has a fluid capacity of up to 7 oz. (200cc) and is ideal for removing used fluids from master cylinders, transaxles, and power
steering and coolant reservoirs prior to bleeding, fluid changes or repairs. Featuring a 7.5" (190MM) flexible tube with non-drip cap. Lightweight, streamlined design enables access into tight spaces. Tool is easy to clean, and the hose and seal are simple to replace.
NEMVA6852 1.5L Fluid Extractor
A simple-to-use, syringe-action tool that features a large, 1.5-liter fluid reservoir, a twist-valve and a dual-seal piston. Other features include a clear 16” hose, marked cylinder with fluid levels and an integrated stand to prevent rolling. Service uses include: fluid transfer from master cylinders, power steering fluid reservoirs, transaxles, coolant reservoirs, diesel fuel filters and cylinders. A rubber ATF adaptor connector is included in the packaging.
QuickFlow Pump
Use your cordless drill to pump
most all fluid types. High strength
fiberglass reinforced nylon
housings. Extreme chemical
resistance. Universal adaptor with
rubber mounting strap allows all
drill sizes to be quickly mounted
to the pump. Gears molded to steel shafts running in brass bushings allows pump to be run at up to 1,500 RPM for extended runtimes. Quick connect couplers for hose interchange and storage. 1/4” hex to 3/8” drive drill adaptor included.
QuickFlow Transmission Refill Adaptor Kit
Kit contains adaptors required
to refill many sealed automatic
transmissions and adaptors
used in conjunction with a
quickflow drill pump. Quick
connect fittings - Pressure hose
and adaptors have quick connect
fittings for easy interchange. Adaptors are made from lightweight, high strength composite material with high chemical resistance. High impact resistance prevents damage to adaptor thread if dropped.
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