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5 Piece Deluxe A/C Orifice
Tube Service Kit
For removing and installing any style orifice tubes.
Flush Gun Kit
Economical means of flushing contaminants and scale from A/C system components. Flush gun uses dry shop air to pressurize
the solvent. Thoroughly cleans
and removes oil, any refrigerant contaminants and residue. Attached nozzle directs the flow of solvent without spray-back.
Multi-Head Fin Straightener Set
Clean and straighten condenser
and evaporator coils. Compact
design for confined spaces. The
straightener head is 3-1/8” in
diameter; the handle is 3-1/2” long.
Includes 12 clearly marked combs:
Wheel 1 has 8, 9, 10, 12, 14, and 15
fins per inch; Wheel 2 has 10.5, 11, 13, 18, 20, and 22 fins per inch.
Swivel Head Digital Thermometer
Head swivels 180° for easy reading of surface, liquid
or air temperature at any angle. Switch selects Celsius
or Fahrenheit. Sampling time is just one second; HOLD button freezes display for accuracy. Durable case
includes a pocket clip. Ranges of -58° to 302°F (-50° to 150°C). Accuracy ±2°F between -4° and 248°F; otherwise ±4°F. Uses one 1.5V battery (included) size LR44. Automatic power off after 10 minutes if ON/OFF is not pressed.
Dial Pocket Thermometers
Measures 0°F to 220°F (-10°C to 100°C). Stainless steel construction. Calibration nut and watertight lens. Includes probe protector with clip.
MCL1002002 MCL1310001 MCL1310002 MCL1310003 MCL1310004 MCL1310005
Arbor Remover Auger Point Shaft Puller
Brass Extension GM Puller
Straight Adapter
1/4 FFL (7/16”-20) x 1/2 ACME-M. Includes access valve core (0377-001) - (90-110 PSI Opening).
Digital Thermometer/ Hygrometer with Bluetooth®
Attaches securely to vehicle vents. Reads wet or
dry bulb temperature -4° to 150°F (-20° to 65°C).
Also reads relative humidity. Features Bluetooth®
wireless communication to smart device. Works with Mastercool’s iOS and AndroidTM app to remotely provide temperature and humidity.
Power Probe® Temperature Kit
A dual-zone digital thermometer with
a wireless remote temperature sensor.
The remote temp sensor can transmit
temperature readings up to 195’ (60M) away
from the base unit. Users can monitor
temperature differences (ambient versus
AC outlet, inside versus outside temps and
more). Operating range and measuring range
is -4o F to 158o F (-20o C to 70o C). It requires
a pair of both AA and AAA batteries, with
a battery life of 400 hours. One additional
wireless Temperature Probe, p/n PWTEMPPROBE, can be added for a second temperature reading (sold separately).
1-3/4" Dial 1" Dial
           Use each tool properly. See page 688 for safety warnings. 501

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