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Spotgun Jr.TM A/C ExtenDyeTM Multi-
Shot Cartridges
Super concentrated dye detects leaks quickly, saving time and money. Easy-to-use without mess or spills. Added Friction Modifier and Anti-Wear additive improves efficiency and reduces wear. Works exclusively with the Spotgun
Jr.TM injection system SAE certified for use in R-134a and R-1234yf Systems. Includes universal A/C dye cartridges - (4 x 1 oz/30mL), SAE-J2297 certified dye and service stickers.
Contains an enhanced additive package that boosts
performance and increases the longevity of the A/C system.
The friction modifier increases lubricity (less friction) of the
oil, improving efficiency (friction coefficient) by over 50%.
The anti-wear additive creates a film that prevents contact between metal parts reducing friction and heat thereby
extending component life as well as effectively quieting noisy compressors. The antioxidant stops the oxidation process,
which reduces acidity and prolongs oil life. Designed to use
with SpotgunTM Injection System. Up to 64 applications.
Includes: SAE-J2297 certified dye and service stickers. 8 oz./240ml.
Oil Injection Kit - R134a & R1234yf Systems
The most accurate method to
top off oil and add dye to an A/C system. Simple, accurate, clean and free from contamination. Includes: SpotgunTM Jr. Single-Shot Oil Injection Gun, hose coupler
for R134a and R1234yf, (2) PAG
46 R1234yf A/C oil cartridges, (2) Universal PAG 46 A/C oil cartridges and (2) A/C ExtenDyeTM cartridges.
BIGEZTM Universal A/C Dye Injection Kit
The most effective way to
add dye into A/C systems. Built-to-last “caulking gun-
style” injector. Dye cartridge
contains 8oz. of universal
A/C dye that services up to
64 vehicles. Compatible with
R134a and R1234yf systems
(R1234yf systems require
WGTLF60CS adapter - sold separately).
8oz. BigEZTM Universal Multi- Dose A/C Dye Cartridge
Fits most caulking guns. Made in USA.
R1234yf Adapter
Allows 134a injectors to be used on R-1234yf air conditioning systems.
50 Watt UV Kit
Professional UV leak detector kit for A/C, cooling, oil, transmission, and fuel systems. Kit includes: 12V/50 Watt
UV leak detector, 1 oz.
coolant dye, 1 oz. oil/ATF/
Fuel dye, mini dye injector
(10 applications of Universal A/C dye, compatible with R134a and R12 systems), dye remover, R12 adapter, UV enhancing safety glasses, A/C connection hose with R134a coupler, (12) service labels
MCL53312 MCL53314 MCL53315 MCL53609 MCL53610 MCL53809 MCL92398
12V/50 watt UV Flashlight
UV Dye Remover (4 oz.)
Service Information Labels (25) 1 oz. Coolant Dye
1 oz Oil/ATF/Fuel Dye
Mini Dye Injector kit with plastic handle UV Safety Glasses
                 498 1-800-321-8356
Rechargeable UV Flashlight
154–170 !W/cm2 which is
compatible to a 50 watt UV
flashlight. UV Wavelength:
390-400. Rechargeable
Li-Ion battery and AAA
backup power. 3 to 5 hours
continuous leak detection. Includes safety glasses.

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